baking love: v day makes and a touch of diy

I made these beautiful waffles for our Valentines Day morning breakfast…  I use the thermomix Easy Peasy Waffles Recipe, topped with fresh blueberries, icing sugar, maple syrup and a vanilla bean ice-cream.  So simple and we really enjoyed them.  My toddler especially!

LTL - baking love

I made this beautiful lemon, ricotta and almond cake, the recipe I was given from my gorgeous cousin over on blogofahappywife.  It’s gorgeous and so is her blog!

LTL - lemon, almond and ricotta cake

LTL - Cake Slice

And finally, for dinner, some gnocchi with a basil pesto and snowpeas.  The gnocci I could have made in my thermomix, but honestly, it makes wayyyy too much and this recipe I found via Lorraine Pascale was so simple.  Instead of using potatoes, marscapone is used.

LTL - baking love - gnocchi


And we used these inexpensive IKEA Spice Racks to make beautiful book shelves for Ellie’s room.  And when I say inexpensive – they are $2.99 EACH!
Just an easy DIY Paint Job.  I love using books as art.  Thanks again Pinterest!

LTL - DIY Shelves

recipe: ragu

Happy Monday lovelies!  Hope you had a good one?

Today I explained to Judd that lots of kids started school for the first time today, and one day it will be Judd’s turn.  And Mummy will cry!
Judd turned to me and said “Judd will cry too Mummy.”
*Heart melts*

How did everyone go dropping their littlies off to school?  I’m sure some (maybe the Mum’s with high school age children?) were jumping for joy?

In other news, Judd grabbed my hair so hard today holding onto me, he ripped a huge chunk out.

Oh. the. pain.

Anyway, the ragu recipe I made when I made the brownie for dessert has been requested, so here it is: Continue reading