Little Loves: Ellie – Month Eighteen

Eloise - 18

– LOOK WHO IS EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD!  I can so clearly remember when Judd was this age, and I can’t believe Eloise is here already too!
– 10 kgs and still in 0/1 clothing.
– Her feet are tiny!  She is still in size three’s, when she should be in about six!  The shoes we are buying her are still pre-walkers.
– Absolutely shot up, 6 cms in as many weeks, now 81 cms tall.
– Loves dancing in the car with Judd.
– Because she doesn’t speak much, she gets really excited when I know exactly what she needs.  She does a little dance and clicks her tongue.  Funny and cute.
– Has started becoming more confident in social situations, as she was so shy and didn’t like crowds at all, this has come as a huge shock!
– Really loves my make up and skin care bag.  She especially loves putting eyeliner, brow pencil and lip crayons all over her face.
– Just started to get very particular over what she wants to wear.  Yesterday was a debacle because she wanted to wear a pink t-shirt and cried until she had it on, insisted on her Emma bow, pink socks, and I put some little bloomers on because it was very hot, and LUCKILY, they made the cut!
– Her and Judd love playing together, and she loves when he snuggles with her and pretends to sleep.
– Has started to watch and love Frozen, HOWEVER, she will only watch up till the Let It Go song.  She does not like that song and loses interest in the whole movie.  I have never known a little girl to not love that song!
– Such a little joy to be around, always smiling, always so happy, Eloise is such a beautiful ray of sunshine to our day, and we just feel so blessed she chose us to be her parents!

Eloise - One to Eighteen


little loves: eloise – month six

 – 6.8kgs and 67cms long
– Fitting 00’s, as of today!
– Guess who can clap hands for her Daddy!  Clever girl.
– Her favourite book is ‘Dear Zoo’  She loves opening up the doors and listening to the noise each animal makes.
– We started on solids one week ago, and she loves mash potato, sweet potato, apples, pears, banana and avocado, but will not eat broccoli on it’s own.  That’s all we’ve tried So far 🙂
– Super cuddly, she is so often smooshed into our necks with her arms wrapped around us.  She also gives huge kisses.  Big sloppy things.  We had a few weddings in the past month and have left her for a few hours (not easy as she will not yet take a bottle) and the baby I come back to kisses and hugs me and squeals on my arrival for a good five minutes before gulping down both sides.  It really is so special.
– I don’t think she is quite ready to sit up on her own, but she is motoring around on the floor, just not traditionally crawling just yet…  So grateful that she is staying that bit littler for longer.
– Oh the conversations.  From Dadadadad, to Mummy.  She makes noises that sound like Judd, Hey, Eloise and Oh No.  I know she isn’t saying the words nor is she intending to, but they make a nice change from a crazy squawk she has going on too.

LTL - Little Loves - Eloise - Month Six


LTL - Little Loves - Eloise - Month Six


a lovely quote but a not so lovely week

LTL - Quote - Impossible

This was my week.  Full of the impossibleness you only realise exists when you have a Toddler crying for a big hug and a newborn wanting her Mummy.  Every tiny piece of my day seems impossible.  Sleeping.  Eating.  Showering.  Three Minutes to myself.  The Laundry.  Getting dinner on the table.  Bathing the kids.  Peeing.

So going to get the Toddler a haircut, now that his hair is at the point of being wayyy past needing one, is not just an impossible task but a frickin’ courageous one.  Continue reading

midweek musing: breastfeeding isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

No pun intended.

I’m the last person you could say was judgemental about the way your choose to raise your kids. I really believe that. I’m the first person to advocate breast feeding or formula feeding or both. I’m the first person to tell you that I wish my child took a dummy when you look at me all guilty like while you shove it into your babies mouth. I’m the person who will even stand up for the person smacking their child, I’m the person who says ‘good on them for being strong enough to handle any criticism in a public place about disciplining their child.’ Yes, good on them for choosing to discipline their child.

How you raise your child is not my concern nor my business.

I have never had to Continue reading