baking loves: my new favourite brownie recipe

Brownie Dessert, with Raspberries, Caramel Popcorn and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

We had our beautiful friends over for dinner last night, and I could not think of the perfect dessert to go with the Ragu I was making.  Probably because it’s the middle of summer and I was cooking the ultimate winter comfort food!

However, Husby loves a brownie, and when he suggested making a brownie for dessert at first I turned up my nose.  Just a brownie when we are entertaining?  AND here’s the thing…  I’ve never made a brownie that WASN’T from a packet mix.  I just thought Brownies were a pain in the ASS to get right.  So, a bit of thought and a few idea’s to jazz up the humble brownie, and this is what we come up with.  And now, I will never be buying a brownie packet mix again.  This one is so so good. Continue reading