Judd: Five

I can’t believe my firstborn is half a decade old!

We ask him questions on his birthday every year, I have attached the questions and answers from his fourth birthday here.

What is your name?  Judd Taylor.
How old are you?  Five.
What is your favourite colour?  White and Black. I like Green.
What is your favourite toy?  Dinosaurs.
What is your favourite fruit?  Mango.
What is your favourite snack?  Crackers and Quince Paste.
What is your favourite drink?  Apple Juice (poor deprived child never gets to have this!)
What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?  Waffles with frozen blueberries and frozen raspberries.
What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?  Chicken Wraps.
What food do you really dislike?  Ummm… Banana’s
What is your favourite TV Show?  Share the Love Logo.
What is your favourite thing to wear?  My camouflage shirt.
What is your favourite game?  Catch the ball with the mitt.
What is your favourite animal?  Pterodactyls and Snakes.
What is your favourite song?  The Mob Song
What is your favourite book?  The Chapter Book we read last year. (The Folk of the Faraway Tree)
Who do you love?  Charlie (his friend from school)
What is your favourite memory?  Swimming in the pool and when Noah comes over for dinner.
Who is your biggest hero?  Noah
What makes you happy?  Toys.
What makes you sad?  Having dinner when I don’t like the food.
Who is your best friend?  Noah and Charlie. All my friends in my school.
What is your favourite thing to do outside?  Run around and jump on the trampoline.
What is your favourite thing to do with Mummy?  Ride our bikes together.
What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy?  Fishing on the docks or at the sea.
What is your favourite thing to do with Ellie?  When we make the bedrooms dark and use our torches and pretend to have sleepovers.
What is your favourite thing to do with Smith? Play with the ball together.
What is your favourite holiday? One that has a sunrise. I loved going to Smith’s Beach.
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  My rabbit.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A helicopter pilot.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  To Smith’s Beach, because I loved it there.
What do you want for dinner for your birthday?  Pizza!
What is your favourite present?  My skateboard.
What did you learn this year? I learned how to play nice in the home corner and how to write my name.


Smith: Month Seventeen & Eighteen

Month Eighteen


– 9.2kgs and 73 cms tall. (Or not so tall!)
– Size 4 shoes.  He is tiny!  He is even smaller than Ellie at this age. Although his feet are bigger.  I do not know how to fatten him up – SEND ALL THE ADVICE PLEASE!
– Has all but four teeth, and two are well on their way.  Strangely, everything has come through except for the four canine teeth. He loves brushing them, with whoever’s toothbrush he can get a hold of.
– Has started really running around and just being a child of mass destruction really.  Which is TOPS for me.  REALLY.  I love seeing what I have in every single cupboard in every single room of the house on a daily basis!
– I’ve considered cutting his hair this month, BUT I’m not ready yet.  He looks like a little surfer dude with his blonde curls and blue eyes and his boardies that are always too big for him, it would break my heart to lose those many, many curls. He doesn’t seem to run hot like Juddy did, he has no fat to keep him warm, so I can’t find a reason to cut it. Everyone I speak to is all ‘please don’t cut it’ and making me feel better about that. However, his hair is really, really long and some days it has a real Farrah Fawcett look to it.  I’m sure he is going to give me grief when he is older as to why it took me so long to cut it.
– The personality has really, really come through these last two months.  He is a crack up and he loves laughing and making people laugh.  He loves to mess around and be cheeky.  The faces he pulls, I just can’t even explain –  Lord help me this time next year and beyond. What is cute now I KNOW will be very difficult later.  I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE LIVED IT 😳😳 But hopefully I will be able to remember him at this age because it is the cutest time. A little mischievous clown this one who makes all of us laugh so hard.
– The talking is hilarious, he will tell me that he ‘dropped it over there’ and insists on saying ‘Tank you’ and ‘Peas!’ instead of Ta.  He really loves talking on the phone and his conversations of jibberish are sweet.  I mean, he said ‘Happy Birthday GrandPop’ last month.  He will say ‘it hurts, ouch’  The kids likes to chat.
– Loves the bath and the shower, HATES the pool and the beach. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
– Has started pretending to pee like Judd does in the toilet.  And off the side of the deck.  And on the trees in the backyard. At this rate he will be toilet trained before Eloise.
– The separation anxiety has been brutal over the past fortnight.  He screams the minute he cannot see me, or touch me or be as close to me as humanly possible.  Right on time for an 18 month old I guess, although I’ve not known kids to have separation anxiety quite like mine.
– Because the separation anxiety was so bad and he was insisting on sleeping with us and generally deciding that he had to be lying on top of my head and using his legs to kick Mark in the head all night long, Mark spent a few nights up with him to sleep train him. He is now down to a morning and night feed, and is generally sleeping through. If he continues this well we will try to drop the night feed in a week or so. I’ve been really proud of how well he has done, especially as the last time I tried he went on a food strike and I got mastitis. This is leaps and bounds.

– We even took a short trip to Dunsborough this month, just before Christmas, and he loved it. Was a star for the car trip, which let’s be honest, cars and long trips with kids are a bit 😫😫 but he went well and was so excited to see his own port a cot at the hotel. Port a cots are not our favourite thing; Mark and I tend to avoid them, but this one was ok and he seemed comfortable for the short time he was in it.
– Loves to dust and vaccuum.
– Loves pizza.  And Kinder Surprises.  Kinder Surprises are life.  And popcorn.  Otherwise, he is #cleaneating all the way.
– Sings along in the car with the kids.  Particularly likes Moana and the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.  All the kids really like the Mob Song and Smith sings ‘Kill the Beast!’ Loudly. Seriously, 🤦🏼‍♀️ *face palm*.  He really loves to dance to music, ads, Happy Birthday. And he’ll cheer on anyone on the TV, he loves to get involved.
– We’ve found he has the strange natural way of playing the piano, and I’m wondering how early to start lessons.  Haha, like every proud Mum, I think he’s a genius, I know it sounds very weird but I guess you’ve got t see him in action. 😂 i’m sure a piano player would say ‘uhhhh no.’

– Is our toughest cookie yet, he is extremely good with pain and just seems to shake it off. Even getting his needles, Ellie was more upset then he was, she was distraught that he was in pain momentarily. A little legend this kid. And with an older brother who never stops and an older sister who just wants to shower him with love, it’s for the best.

Month Seventeen


Bakes: Christmas Reindeer Cake

So I figured I had made an Easter Bunny cake, the Birthday Unicorn cake, it was only right to make a Reindeer Cake for Christmas.  Loved making this beauty.  It was pink velvet on the inside, covered in a simple chocolate buttercream.  The antlers are gingerbread and the macarons were almond flavoured.  I had to google the names of Santa’s Reindeer and decided, this one is Cupid!

Merry Christmas Everyone!



little love: smith – month fifteen & sixteen

IMG_2172– Smith is almost 10kgs and although they are a little too big on him, I’m putting him into size 1 clothing.
– His two canines have just come in, and I didn’t notice he was teething…  ooops.
– Loves toddling along after the others, and is climbing on everything, just like his brother and sister did.  He would really, really like to sit at the table like they do, but he is still so tiny, he will be in a high chair for awhile yet.  I said it wasn’t fair to get two climbing kids BUT THREE!
– His hair is beautiful and long and curly, it’s just like Ellie’s but even blonder.  His eyes are still so blue.
– Loves using the pretend lawn mower.  He insists he wear his ear muffs and toddles around mowing everything down.  The video I have on him with the lawn mower is hilarious.
– Talking and telling a lot of stories.  Very, very chirpy when he first wakes up.  This week he said sprinkler when ours came on.  He say’s all our names, love you, good, yes, no, how doing, I don’t know, alright, ouch…  and heaps of other little baby phrases which are the cutest!
– Still loving nursery rhymes, especially the frog songs in the bath.  LOVES having a bath with the kids, HATES when anyone gets out, especially if it’s him.  Really, really loves the shower as well.  He loves water so much he really gets involved whenever the kids have a water activity out, and now that it’s warmer, I know we will be doing more of that.
– Loves the trampoline and being outside.
– Still clingy, still hating on his brother or sister when they get close for cuddles with Mummy while he is having cuddles.
– Is enjoying helping me cook in the kitchen, and probably prefers to clean up after.
– Loves playing with the ball, throwing it and running after it.
– Loves the chance to cuddle with Judd or Ellie in their big beds.
– He’s pretty cheeky, and thinks he can get away with anything as long as he gives you a cheezy grin afterwards…  It’s super cute and hard to discipline him, BUT most of the time he’s doing things where he is going to hurt himself so he does get in trouble.
– Plays peek a boo by slapping his hands onto his face really hard, and giggling.
– Loves being tickled and kissed under his chin, still.




In Month Sixteen with both Judd and Ellie I was announcing that the next baby is on the way…  And…  This time I’m very happy to announce that there are no babies on the way 🙂  It’s really nice to be able to enjoy this time without being sick and this Motherhood gig is starting to feel easier and more doable.

Eloise: Third Birthday



We had a really special day celebrating Ellie’s 3rd birthday, and I wanted to put up some pictures of her party.  At 3, she is obsessed with Rapunzel and was very specific about wanting a Rapunzel Tower cake which OMG was so daunting and very hard.  I had tried to find a toy Rapunzel Tower (because cheating is my thing!) that I could just whack on top of the cake but I didn’t get one in time.  Luckily, with some handy engineering from my hubby we got it done.  Don’t look too closely though lol.

I found the theme really easy, especially once you start looking on Pinterest, there are many, many Rapunzel party ideas. We had saucepans everywhere, and used a saucepan to bash the pinata with.  We played ‘Pin the Nose on Flynn Ryder’ and had a Hair Braiding station, and sidewalk chalk to paint with. None of this will make sense unless you have seen the ‘Tangled’ movie.  Which most of the guests hadn’t BUT ANYWAY 😂

My favourite though, was surprising Ellie with a real life  Rapunzel Princess who sang songs, read stories and did some face painting for the kids.  It was so amazing seeing the shock on Ellie’s face and the awe from the kids.  Ellie was very shy but has since spoken of  how much she loved Rapunzel and how she would love her to come back.  We used Unreal Kids Parties, and Terri was just fantastic.  She dresses up as so many different characters and does an amazing job of each.  I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Ellie has already decided she wants a Cinderella cake for her Fourth birthday.  I better start practicing now.  Till then!

little love: eloise – three

Now that Ellie is three, we move onto her doing the updates, instead of me, as I did with Judd.  It’s too funny 🙂  Her birthday party post will come soon!

Ellie - THREE

  • What is your name?  Ellie.  Taylor.
  • How old are you?  Older. I’m THREE!
  • What is your favourite colour?  I’m pink.
  • What is your favourite toy?  Cocohontas.
  • What is your favourite fruit?  Well… strawberries!
  • What is your favourite snack?  Tanies.  (Sultana’s.)
  • What is your favourite drink?  A pink one.
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?  Watermelon
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?  Tanies.
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?  Pizza.  Wow I love pizza.
  • What food do you really dislike?  Milk.  I don’t like milk.
  • What is your favourite TV Show?  I do like the Night Garden.
  • What is your favourite thing to wear?  Jammies.
  • What is your favourite game?  Sophia Etch Sketch.
  • What is your favourite animal?  Ummm a shark!
  • What is your favourite song?  The Riverbend!  (Then proceeded to go into a rendition of Tangled). “and at last I see the light!!  And it’s like… the hoooooog has lifted” (she has a little trouble pronouncing F lol)
  • What is your favourite book?  Rapunzel
  • Who do you love?  Mummy I love you so much in the world.
  • What is your favourite memory?  *Looks at me blankly*
  • Who is your biggest hero?  *Looks at me blankly*
  • What makes you happy?  My hair.
  • What makes you sad?  I would like a baby sister.
  • Who is your best friend?  Belle.
  • What is your favourite thing to do outside?  Jump on the trampoline.
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Mummy?  Go to the beach.
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy?  Read a story.
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Juddy?  Judd’s swimming lessons
  • What is your favourite holiday? The chocolate eggs.
  • What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  My little rapunzel.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?  I don’t want to grow up.
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  I’d swim in the ocean.
  • What do you want for dinner for your birthday?  The restaurant.
  • What is your favourite present?  My crown.



Smith’s First Birthday

Smith’s First Birthday was a ‘Wild One.’  I came across this theme and absolutely loved it as the boys love the “Where the Wild Things Are’ books.

I wanted a simple cake as I knew I wouldn’t be as likely to pick the next cakes and Ellie – who is coming up to her third birthday – has picked a very ambitious / stressful cake for me to make!  This camping theme, with the candles huddled on top of the cake was something i saw on Pinterest and loved as it really matched Smith’s woodland room that we’d just finished.  Inside was layered with a Chocolate cake, Caramel cake, Salted Caramel Cake, and White Chocolate.


A lot of the decorations were taken from quotes from the book, We had ‘vines that hung from the ceilings’ as well as sticks and twigs, which were actually the edible wafers.  The cupcakes were the boat Max sailed across the sea, and we had bubbles that said ‘To tame the Wild Things’
I put signs around the food and drinks with the quotes as well – ‘I’ll eat you up I love you so’ etc.
We gifted the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ book as party favours.


Teepee was made for Smith’s room from Teepee Sarah, who I found on Instagram.  Wood style plates and cutlery were from Kmart.

Smith LOVED the cake pops, which were SO simple, just mud cake, dunked into white chocolate and I topped with fondant crowns.


Campfire Cupcakes were made with flakes and coloured buttercream icing.


Smith loved when we sung Happy Birthday.



The inside of the cake!

It was such a great day and Smith really had a great time, especially eating the cake pops 🙂  I just thought this was a really fun and easy theme to throw together.  Then Judd’s kindergarten started reading the book and doing a lot of activities (they even had the Wild One characters as plush toys – OMG jealous) so I was able to give them all of the decorations, which they used to turn one of the corners of their classroom into the Wild theme.


little love: smith – month fourteen


– 9kgs and 77cms long
– Size 0 clothing
– 10 teeth, which is the same as last month, with another two slowly on their way.
– Walking! Has just been working out how to turn while he walks. Judd and Ellie love when he walks to them. Smith loves walking out to Daddy when he gets home from work, like the others now.
– Along with the climbing, and now the walking, the bumps and bruises are a constant here. He has started standing up to dance on the ottoman. I opened the door to the front yard to him (which is enclosed) ran inside to turn off the stove and when I came back he was in the trampoline. Face palm.

– even though he is walking and climbing a lot, he is still a really clingy babe, and spends a lot of time at my feet or in my arms and spends the whole time with Daddy when he is home. Mark has issues with his wrist due to Smiths insistence to be held constantly and in a particular way. When Ellie comes for cuddles and Smith notices he will start screaming and will try to sit on top of her to edge her out of the way.
– Starting to eat more again, YAY! Loves anything buttered really.  And then on the other hand, loves edamame and Mum’s healthy salads.
– And now that he is eating more, he has started sleeping slightly better. Although for three weeks of the month he would only sleep for 40 minute stints and insisted on sleeping with me from about 11 at night. Like full tantrum, wake up the other kids insisted. I have since worked out that Smith likes complete silence for day sleeps – he will sleep for at least 3 hours if I can keep it quiet, and that then follows into sleeping better at night. A silent house with two other kids has to be my biggest battle right now. I just want to get him used to sleep again and then hopefully I can introduce the noise during the day.
– Loves pretending to sneeze so that we say ‘bless you!’
– Loves singing ‘Three Little Ducks’ and doing the hand actions and loves doing the Quack, Quack, Quack. Also says the last word or every line when we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
– Gives a good High Five. I think Mark will teach him knuckles next.
– Started raiding the pantry like everyone else. Our grocery bills are crazy and I know they will just get worse.
– Happily gives kisses when asked for them. If I get greedy with them, which I do tend to do, he will tell me NO! and shake his head.

– such a crack up, always trying to make us laugh and giggles so much during the day. When he’s about to have a feed, he gets so excited he starts giggling.

– Loves a good dance party with the kids and will have a crack at singing into the microphone.