little love: smith – month twelve


– 8.5kgs and 73cms long
– Out of 00 and into 0 clothing 🙂
– 6 teeth
– Standing around the house more and more.  I think he may start walking in about two months time, he is definitely a ways off yet.
– Still talking a lot.  He has started saying ‘mif’ when he refers to himself.
– Other than chips, pizza and cake, he has gone fussy on me with eating.  Any kid food suggestions welcome, please!
– Generally sleeps once a day now, instead of two day sleeps.  SOMETHING is going on though, because the sleeping has not been fab, or it has been great if he is sleeping in bed with us and then my quality of sleep is meh.  SEND HELP!  I had both Judd and Eloise well sleep trained by now, and Judd was a horrible sleeper.  This is going to be my main focus this week with weaning etc, as obviously, the breastmilk is not enough for him and he is relying on it too much.
– Started going down steps and getting down from higher places the correct way (bum and legs first), and it’s super cute.
– I mayyyy have mentioned this last month, but he loves when Mark gets home and he will follow him around the house whinging until Mark picks him up and then he doesn’t let him put him down.  Daddy adoration.
– LOVES the Happy Birthday song.  LOVED his birthday party and especially the cake pops.  I’ll do a post on what we put together for his Wild One Birthday soon.
– Has started posing when the camera comes out!
– Both Judd and Ellie like to sing along to songs in the car, and now Smith does it too.  He especially loves the Moana song ‘We know the way’ and sings the ‘A’wei A’wei’ super loudly.  All the Mum’s nod your head coz you know the exact song I’m talking about, you’ve heard it a gzillion times and everyone else can just be confused about whatever this means 🙂
– Likes to get a cushion down off the couch or off the beds and pretend to nap.
– This kid is the cupboard destroyer.  It is taking me a long time to get him to understand what he can and cannot touch in the house, just in relation to cupboards.  Judd and Ellie were not like this at all, they knew they had certain things they could and couldn’t touch by now!  He loves opening a cupboard and ripping everything out of it.  Coz I needed more stuff to clean up, omg!
– Still loves a nursery rhyme and peek-a-boo.  His favourite book at the moment is one of those googly eyed ones, it’s all about wild animals.
– Loves playing cars and planes with Judd, makes all the right actions and noises.  His favourite toy is a car ramp and he laughs when the cars go round and round the ramp to go down.
– I love his little personality and especially how when he giggles his whole body shakes.

Thanks for following along for Smith’s first year!  I do monthly updates until the kids are 18 months old, and then yearly from then on.  So there will be more here next month. xxx



Create: Unicorn Wrapping


We are attending our fair share of the ever popular Unicorn parties.  Fortunately, the recent gift I bought for the latest party, was square, and I decided to make the present into a Unicorn too!  How cute is this!  If you want to recreate this all you’ll need is some wrapping paper, glitter paper, scissors, lots of ribbon, toilet roll and a pen.  I used some double sided sticky tape to make it all a bit neater too.  If you try this, please let me know, I want to see your creations!

Little love: Smith – Month Eleven


– 8.5kgs and 71cms long
– 6 teeth
– Starting to stand without holding onto anything.  Ellie was walking at this age, Judd at 1, and I am so so hoping that Smith takes a little while longer to find his feet.  So to say.
– He talks and parrots us so much.  Not longer after my 10 month update, he started to say ‘water.’  He sounds like he repeats full sentences, although I know that is ridiculous. When we count, we say ONE, and Smith says TWO!  When he really wants something (usually something he isn’t allowed or the food of his brother or sister) he is constantly ‘TA TA TA TA!’
– This kid can devour a lamb cutlet.  He says ‘I love lamb!’  Really enjoying his food, and eating a lot of what is put in front of him.  Although he seems to have gone off bread or toast.  Friday night Pizza night is his absolute fave!
– Still exclusively breastfed, and I’m been trying (through gritted teeth and pain) to enjoy my last month of feeding, before cold turkey moving to a bottle.  Smith takes a sippy cup.  Although, I did just read Ellie’s 11 month update and I said the exact same thing and fed her for another SEVEN months so 😦  I have footage of what he does to me shown on a proper bottle, biting down on the teat and ripping it back.  I thought I’d spare you the visual though!
– Started climbing out of the high chair.
– We were at the emergency department last week in the early hours of the morning with croup.  As Judd got croup so often when he was younger, we know the symptoms and we are used to heading in as soon as we hear the strider with the cough.  Smith was so upset at home but as soon as I got to ED I had a lot of trouble convincing triage that he was unwell.  He was doing his party tricks and flirting with everyone.  Luckily they had heard him cough on the way in, so agreed he had croup and needed the steroid, but his happy temperament still got me probably from the first in line, to the last in line, and we were there waiting for hours!
– Loves cheek kisses and will keep giving you his cheek to kiss up over and over again.
– Very, very much a Daddy’s boy, more than any of the kids before him.  The kisses Daddy gets at bedtime make me sooooo jealous.
– His eyes go so blue when he wears blue or this beautiful grey when he wears charcoals and grey tones.
– Sleeping for a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon, but can struggle for the afternoon nap a bit.  I’m contemplating moving him to one nap a day before his first birthday but I’m really not sure…  Still sleeping ok at night.  Loves Mum’s company and the warmth of Mummy and Daddy’s bed though!

One more month with a baby in the house.  It’s all happening so soon.


Loft Space Reveal

When we worked out that we were fast running out of room in our home, we looked to move. But not wanting to buy existing, and not being able to build a home a step up from what we have, maybe only a better suburb, made the decision difficult for us. One day we made the random call, to build a small room in our existing roof space.  Loft spaces aren’t common in Australia, like the would be in the U.K. ornother parts of Europe.  By the next week my husband had organized a loft ladder and timber. We had a rough idea of what we wanted and a sketchy idea of what we could do.

I have always, always wanted a veelux window to watch the sky, the rain, the storms and the clouds so I was SO excited when he said he could make it happen! Once that was fitted it really opened up and brightened up the space. It’s now one of my favourite things about our house. I don’t understand why more people don’t do this to their house! It’s a really inexpensive way to gain more space, and we see so many people’s garages being solely used for storage. We have gained eight large cupboards, and a complete dust free cupboard / storage nook in our roof. We have gained a bedroom downstairs. As well as providing an office, a reading room, a sewing and craft room and a place people can crash if they have had one too many. 😂

We are absolutely rapt with this space, and I’m in awe of my husband being able to create this out of nothing, but also to project manage all other trades later in the piece whilst running his own business and coming home to a wife and three crazy kids.

Check it out below and let me know what you think. Would you want one in your roof? This is going to be one of the things I need in each house I have now 🙊


Recipe: Smoothie Bowl


We’ve been loving smoothie bowls right now, this is the current fave.

1 frozen banana

Small handful frozen cherries

1 cup almond milk

2 tbs coconut yoghurt

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

Add all ingredients to a blender and blitz.


1 cup oats

1/2 cup flaked almonds

1/2 cup coconut chips

1/2 cup seed mix (pepita’s and sunflower kernels)

1/4 cup chopped macadamia nuts

1/2 cup maple syrup / rice malt syrup

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

Mix together, spread out onto a baking tray and bake until lightly brown at 180 degrees Celsius, stirring occasionally.
Pour the smoothie into a bowl, and top with the granola. Add chia seeds, cacao nibs, fruit, goji berries or whatever you prefer. Dragon fruit looks super pretty AND is full of vitamin b, vitamin c, and antioxidants. Don’t go too crazy on the fruit though as there is still two serves in the actual smoothie ☺️

What’s your favourite combo?

Smiths Room Reveal

I wasn’t able to do up a nursery for Smith before he was born, as we just didn’t have the space. With a four bedroom home, three bedrooms being used for us and the kids, and the other being used as a study / office space for my husbands business, we moved as much around as we could, but still had Smith in our room for his first 10 months.

My very clever Husby built into our existing roof space to make a loft style office / storage space. It is a beautiful space which I’ll post pictures of soon.

By doing that we were able to finally move the office furniture into that space and create a bedroom for Smith. I used the same colours that were already in our study, and decided to stick with white, timber, and bursts of mustard.

Not knowing what theme to go for, I took to Pinterest, and my search always evolves from there.  #thepinterestjourney 🙂 I found gorgeous animal woodland prints from The Crown Prints and I’d fallen in love with all the fox plush animals and teepees and more boho room looks, that I decided to run with the tribal / woodland theme.


Shelves from the Timba Trend

Chair from Freedom

Knot Cushion from little.l.interiors


Wooden mountains from Huddy and Me

Grey Marble Arrow Teether from One.Chew.Three

Wooden Worm from Seed Heritage


Animal prints & Stag horns – The Crown Prints

Feather print – Stillblog

Frames – Kmart



Mobile – handmade

Headdress Print from Society 6

Wooden Camera from Behind the Trees

Fox Pillow from Kmart


Smith Name Arrow from Nest Accessories


OYOY World Map Playmate

IMG_8427It’s been worth the wait with this room, especially being able to move straight to more of a toddler boy room space.  Smith loves it, and regularly toddles off to play with his toys on his own.

Hope you like it or may get ideas for your next boy space!

Baking: Flower Garden Cake

IMG_8135IMG_8136IMG_8137IMG_8138Russian Piping Tips are so popular right now and I’ve been trying to experiment with them. They are just so pretty!  My Mum had her birthday in April and I decided to make this cake for her, combining her love for pretty things, pink things and flowers! It was five tiers of pastel rainbow inside. The recipe is the same one I used for my Easter Bunny cake, which I’ll link here ☺️ I actually used a Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the flowers this time, and it made them harder to pipe and I don’t think they look great. I’m still learning though and practicing, any other cake creations using these tips, please send them my way, I need ideas!


Judd’s Fourth Birthday

IMG_5320.JPGJudd’s Fourth Birthday was a lot of fun.  He was SO beyond excited to be celebrating it, and was obsessed with fire engines, so the fire engine cake was a given.  As it was an even birthday, it was another activity year, and we arranged with one of Mark’s mates, who is also a fire fighter, to visit the fire station and go on a tour.  Judd still talks about it, he was amazed to be at an actual fire station and get so close to a fire engine, and we were rapt to see him get his own personal tour of it all.  I can’t believe he is FOUR!  And finding all the photo’s and writing up about all four of his last birthday’s in a few days has really made it seem like it FLEW by!

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Ellie’s Second Birthday


When Ellie turned two, I got really sick.  I had mastitis and some form of stomach bug as well, an eight week old, a two year old and an almost four year old.  I was so unwell we celebrated her birthday a few days afterwards, which was not ideal and a notch for my Mummy guilt scale (which let’s be honest, always feels like it’s unbalanced not in my favour!)  Because I was so unwell I don’t feel like I captured her birthday when we did celebrate, and the cake could have been a lot better, but I wasn’t able to go out and get everything I needed for it.  So it was a simple celebration, which we will make up for when she turns three I’m sure.  As I said for Judd’s second birthday, for even birthday’s we do an activity with the family.  We couldn’t decide what Ellie would love to do the most, and she didn’t speak very much at this stage.  She did however LOVE food, so we took her to a cafe for lunch and she loved every second of it!  It’s the little things 🙂  When we told people that that’s what we did for Ellie’s day they laughed and said ‘that is so Ellie’ 🙂  She’s a foodie!

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Judd’s Third Birthday


So by the time we started preparing for Judd’s Third Birthday celebrations, he was well into the swing of things.  He was very excited, and wanted to have a party, which we were more than happy to throw for him.  He asked who to invite, asked for the theme to be an ‘intruction party’ and wanted to be able to help make his cake.

So with the theme sorted, I started on the invite, and Judd started scouring Pinterest to pick his cake.  Yup, times have moved up from the trusty Women’s Weekly cake book haven’t they!  Judd picked a three tier cake that he could help ‘paint’ and while I inwardly freaked out (I was three months pregnant while organising Judd’s birthday and not feeling well at all) we DID IT!  And we had the best time doing it too.  Judd was over the moon with his day, and still 18 months later, tells people about his amazing construction party.  Now that he can pronounce it correctly lol.

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