monthly haul: february

Web Haul

– I have been all things milkmade perusing NYFW this month.
– Late to the party, but Styling You’s top beauty products for 2014 will be next on my beauty haul.
– Liked the look of these books on Mickey’s Books to Read This Year via the thirtyhandmadedays blog.
– Found this fascinating, a photo series on my modern met has documented the different school lunches around the world.
– This article via iVillage, with 20 life lessons for your daughter is something I know I’m going to need to save.
– This brilliant article via The Plumbette called Open Home.  If you only click on one thing on this haul, this is it.

Fashion Haul

– A measly one item bought this month, for the birthday party.  February really was all things birthday party, I am going to stop talking about it right after this post.  Promise.
I bought a gorgeous black playsuit from The Weekend Edit.  I cannot find a picture now, but I can tell you it was brilliant.  Casual and fancy all at once.   And seeing as my boobs are increasing in size by the minute, oh so flattering.  A Plus. Oh wait I have a photo of me in it.  Not the best but you get the idea…

Madison Square Black Playsuit

My usual Beauty and Book Haul.  Hmmm…  where is that you ask?  Very embarrassed to say that with all things Husby’s 30th, I have not bought anything of the sort.  Next month, I have a list of product and cookbooks especially, that I am dying to get my hands on.  Very measly effort this month though.  Sorry all.  If you have any haul type items you would like to share, please do so in the comments, I would be RAPT!

But for now, until next month…


product love: packet mix baking

I used to be a big fan of the packet mix.  I will not lie about it.  They take the thinking away from you.  They are simple and easy.  Quick and less messy.  I can grab one of these and every other ingredient I am guaranteed to have in my fridge or pantry.

There is, however, one packet mix that is a HUGE hit in our house, is a HUGE hit for everyone I’ve made them for, and I will continue to make even though I’ve abandoned all others.   Continue reading

monthly haul: january

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am really into youtube at the moment, and a little obsessed with the monthly haul video’s.  I’m no vlogger, but I love wrap ups for each month and I am going to incorporate my little take on the ‘monthly haul’ on laurentaylorloves.  I subscribe to everything, just EVERYTHING, so you can all benefit from that too!  So here is a delayed ‘Haul’ for January.

Web Haul
(Trying to keep to 12 (can you believe at first I said, 7 then 10 and then we ended at 12!) things here coz I could go on and on and on…  Next month maybe!)

– I loved this write up on iVillage, about the things you finally get once you have kids.
– I love A Beautiful Mess and this e-course ‘Capturing Real Life in 52 weeks‘ looks like so much fun. Continue reading