little loves: judd – month one to twenty four

1 - 24
I am a Pinner.  Yup, I love Pinterest.  There are so many amazing idea’s, and this chair/growth photo is just one of the little gems I’ve been lucky enough to come across.  When Judd was born on the 11th January 2013 and for every month after, we sat him on this chair and took a photo.  And now that we have twenty four photo’s (I have a few more as I took them at Easter and Halloween as well) it absolutely blows me away.  I’m so glad I did it now.  I wrote a synopsis each month of Judd’s development and posted it on my other blog, and now that I have this one, I want to make sure this still records it also.  So in this post, I will list months one to twelve, and then the few posts I did between thirteen and twenty four months, and each month on the 15th, which is Ellie’s date, I will be continuing this tradition with her.  I hope you enjoy seeing them grow, as much as I enjoy showing them off! Continue reading


craft with my little loves: valentines day


Judd has taken to Mister Maker in the past week, so as soon as I got out the paint, his apron, and some paper, he was all over it.  I didn’t even have to tell him what we were doing.

I took a simple toilet roll holder, folded it into the shape of a love heart, and used it for dipping in red paint.  Judd made some cards for Valentines Day.

That was our little craft for Valentines Day.  I wanted to do thumb prints and ‘Thumbody Loves You’ cards, but Judd insisted on using his pointer finger, so that didn’t work.  Two year olds 🙂

Thank you Pinterest.

a lovely quote but a not so lovely week

LTL - Quote - Impossible

This was my week.  Full of the impossibleness you only realise exists when you have a Toddler crying for a big hug and a newborn wanting her Mummy.  Every tiny piece of my day seems impossible.  Sleeping.  Eating.  Showering.  Three Minutes to myself.  The Laundry.  Getting dinner on the table.  Bathing the kids.  Peeing.

So going to get the Toddler a haircut, now that his hair is at the point of being wayyy past needing one, is not just an impossible task but a frickin’ courageous one.  Continue reading

little loves play: rainbow waters playground

Judd - Water Park Today we headed to the Rainbow Waters Playground in Ellenbrook for the first time.  I really wanted to take my proper camera, but juggling the two kids was enough, so my iPhone had to do.  Although he was apprehensive at first, Judd loved running around in the water.  You can read more about the playground via the Kidsafe website which I’ve linked here.  Such a good option for summertime play.  I loved how visible the playground was; it didn’t matter if I was in the water or on the outskirts, or in one of the gazebo’s, I could keep an eye on Judd at all times.  My little man runs pretty quick so can stack it quite a bit, but the ground was grippy enough to keep him on his feet.

Judd - Water Park

We will definitely head back here, probably with Dad, before Summer is over. It exhausted both kids who slept the whole way home, Judd for the next three hours as well! So much fun this morning 🙂