recipe: berry whip


Have we all gone paranoid over the Nanna’s Frozen Berry Recall or is it just me? I have gone from blind shopping Woolworths or Online, to carefully checking my produce to work out where it has come from and where it is packaged. Where I used to proud myself on buying everything Brownes because it was West Australian, and only ever buying free range AND organic eggs, I have really realised that it isn’t enough for me. I have learnt so much through my research, and my grocery buying has taken me at least twice as long, but my knowledge of what I’m putting in my families mouth has given me great peace of mind.

Fresh raspberries are the go because of this recall in a lot of houses across Australia at the moment.  They don’t last long, so if you haven’t used a container in your fridge and you know it’s about to go mouldy, I have the recipe for you.

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recipe: ragu

Happy Monday lovelies!  Hope you had a good one?

Today I explained to Judd that lots of kids started school for the first time today, and one day it will be Judd’s turn.  And Mummy will cry!
Judd turned to me and said “Judd will cry too Mummy.”
*Heart melts*

How did everyone go dropping their littlies off to school?  I’m sure some (maybe the Mum’s with high school age children?) were jumping for joy?

In other news, Judd grabbed my hair so hard today holding onto me, he ripped a huge chunk out.

Oh. the. pain.

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recipe: easy sunday roast

I don’t usually roast up a chook.  I tend to buy the pre made bbq ones and use it shredded in our lunches for the week.  Otherwise, I’m using it to make soup and stock.  But this week, when whole chickens were on special, I bought one and wondered what to do with it.  The only time I’ve made a chicken roast I stuffed chorizo and something else that I can’t for the life of me remember, underneath the skin…  And that’s how long it’s been since I’ve made one.  So I decided it was high time I try again, and make it a regular in our household.  So many people have a roast a week and they are SO EASY, I’m set on adding it to our meal list weekly as well.

Here’s what I came up with…  I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows so it’s an amalgamation of what I’ve seen…  What I love the most about this, is I had everything either in my garden or in my kitchen, so I’m confident you will too…

LTL - easy sunday roast chicken

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