A place to chronicle the lives of…

A girl, who is living a life better than she ever dreamt it could be.  Tea Drinker.  Organisational Freak.  Quicker than average learning ability, for song lyrics and movie quotes.  Over subscriber.  Magazine Obsessed.  Coffee Table Book enthusiast.  Avid Pinterest user.  A materialistic minimalist!

Husby.  Met Lauren when she was 15 and have been together ever since.  Hard worker.  Dreamy.  Haha, no seriously, he’s a piscies! 🙂

Judd.  Raging Toddler.  Whirlwind.  Cheeky Monkey.  The first little human to light up our lives.

Eloise.  Still brand new.  A little ray of sunshine.  Our littliest love.  We call her Ellie, Elle, Ella, Lou.

Lauren Taylor Loves was created to be a beautiful space online of everything Lauren Loves.  It’s here as a reminder to get out the camera and chronicle our lives, and to share all the pretty things life brings.  A blogger from way back, Lauren Loves the Blogging Community first and foremost 🙂

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