Smith: Third Birthday


We recently celebrated our littlest mister’s third birthday, and I wanted to share some pictures of his special day. He is dinosaur CRAZED, so the theme was easy for him to pick, and we were so lucky that dinosaurs seem to be everywhere for party favours, decorations and food at the moment.

The biggest difficulty was his dinosaur themed volcano cake that I was adamant I wanted to have erupt because I knew he would be beside himself about it – if I could pull it off.  I was lucky enough to find this amazing blog post from Oh So Delicioso on the erupting volcano cake she did for her son using jelly and dry ice. We wanted to have the cake still be edible so wanted to steer away from the bicarb and vinegar option. It worked really well and was such a hit for the party, and most importantly, Smith thought it was the best! On the bottom layer of the cake, we buried white chocolate fossils, which everyone had a lot of fun uncovering as they ate.


I am going to put up video’s of the cake in action over on my Pinterest, and I will link here if you wanted to check it out.




We also had activities set up to entertain the guests, a sandpit full of dinosaur fossils my kiddies made, and we also hid dinosaur eggs around our garden that they could break up using tools and find a dinosaur inside. We were able to get these from Kmart. We also made some eggs by freezing dinosaurs in water balloons filled with frozen water (obviously), which we just cut the balloons off on the day, for them to break up as well – using littlE (and completely safe) plastic chisels.


I wish I had taken more pictures, as we had a lot of signs up with dinosaur puns and the party favours also looked pretty cool. I made dinosaur dough and made labels for some plain bubbles also. We had green raptor juice and pretty much everything I could find on Pinterest, including the party hats for toy dinosaurs.

It was lots of fun to create everything and most importantly, Smith had a wonderful time. I huge thank you to our family and friends for making it so special for him.


Smith: Three

Smith - THREE

And so our questions for each of Smithy’s birthdays begins.  Where has my baby gone?  *sob*

What is your name?  Mithy. Hayden Mark Taylor.
How old are you?  Free!
What is the weather like today?  Outside it rains
How tall are you?  Bigger than Buddy
What is your favourite colour?  Ah.  Ah. *Clacks tongue*  Umm.. Hmm.. *Goes for stroll*  Green.
What is your favourite toy?  Helicopter
What is your favourite fruit?  Grapes.
What is your favourite snack?  I don’t know.  Ummm… Maybe yoghurt?
What is your favourite drink?  Ummmaaa Water.
What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?  Toast.  Actually sonts.  (crossiants)
What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? *Just smiles*
What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?  Yoghurt.  Actually no.  Chicken Wraps.
What food do you really dislike?  I don’t want Spaghetti ever again!
What is your favourite TV Show?  Aladdin
What is your favourite Movie? (crossly) I said Aladdin!!  I am Aladdin.
What is your favourite thing to wear?  Dinosaurs
What is your favourite sport? Fishing
What is your favourite animal? Giraffe.
What is your favourite song?  We Are The Champions, Queen
What is your favourite book?  Piranha’s Don’t Eat Banana’s
What’s the funniest word you know?  *Puts fingers on chin…* Hmmm…
Who do you love?  Daddy.  And Daddy likes me.
What is your favourite memory?  Watermelon pizza.  So yummy.
Who is your biggest hero?  Owen.  (From Jurassic World)
What makes you happy?  Watermelons.
What makes you sad?  No just make me happy.
Who is your best friend?  Ah.  Charlie. (also from Jurassic World)
What is your favourite thing to do outside? Jump on the trampoline
What is your favourite thing to do with Mummy?  Go to the supermarket.
What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy?  Ride my bike.
What is your favourite thing to do with Judd? I don’t know.
What is your favourite thing to do with Ellie?  I don’t know.
What is your favourite holiday?  I don’t know.  Only whistles.
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Oh yeah I know that.  Mummy.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Owen.
How many kids do you want to have when you are older? Eight.
What car would you like to drive when you are older? Mummy or Daddys.
If you could choose a superpower, what would you choose? Anything like Baby Jack Jack!  (from The Incredibles)
What’s your favourite joke? Can we please stop doing this, okay Mummy?
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  The supermarket
What do you want for dinner for your birthday?  Restaurant.
What is your favourite present?  Dinosaurs!
What did you learn this year? Don’t draw on the couch.
If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?
1. To be with everybodies
2. The genie to sing all the songs
3. Then I would be happy once he left me alone.
What’s the best thing about being you? I’m Mithy!
What’s the best thing that’s happened to you lately?  My birthday party!