Smith’s Second Birthday

Just a few pics of Smith’s BB8 cake, I got this idea from Pinterest, and the one on there looks much better than this!  But I tried 😂



Smith: TWO!


– My smallest human has turned 2, and he is convinced that he is going to skip turning 2 and just turn 3 instead. He is desperate to be as big as the other kids!

– he is 10kgs and 79cms tall. He is still in size 1 clothes and some pants are 0’s coz he is tiny.

– He has a 2- 3 hour sleep during the day, and generally sleeps during the night unless it’s the week of the full moon 😳🙄

– he is talking in short sentences, can count to 6, and knows a few colours. He loves to sing and knows the words to all the songs from The Greatest Showman. He says things like, ‘Judd’ (constantly) ‘Ellie, or ELOISE’ (if she isn’t listening) Mummy, Daddy, love you, see you later lalligator, and Bye Babboon (instead of see you soon you big baboon which is awkward.) He will say things like ‘Juddy at school’ or ‘put it in there’ or ‘summing to eat peas’ (something to eat please) and has always refused to say Ta, opting for thank you always. He loves singing Happy Birthday, especially the Hip hip hooray bit, and he knows his fruits and vegetables and all of his items of clothing. He loves shoes.

– Reads a shortened, but highly animated version of ‘Piranha’s Don’t Eat Banana’s’ by Aaron Blabey. No word of a lie I have video evidence 😂

– I cut his hair last month and have probably trimmed it three to four times since! He had quite long blonde curls, but since cutting it his hair has really thickened. Still wavy bits now and then..

– He loves Nursery Rhymes, like Rockabye Your Bear and when we play ‘round and round the garden’

– loves spotting for planes and birdy’s. We took him to the airport viewing deck for his birthday weekend and he loved it!

– loves making pancakes with Daddy on the weekends, even if he is always a bit too forceful cracking the egg in and a little too generous with his taste test.

– is fantastic at jumping now, he loves to jump almost as much as he loves to run and have races.

– can scooter and throw a ball really well.

– has the most expressive face I have ever seen. He will look at you from underneath his lashes, out of the corner of his eye, or make his eyes big and wide, usually all as a reaction to his cheeky behavior.

– desperately wants to go to school like Judd… scary when he is a July baby and misses the cut off so will end waiting until 2021! But he wants to do everything his big brother does and will copy him any chance he gets.

– loves eating my food, which means he eats a lot of salad, spinach, kale, quinoa and chia. Lol. Also loves his daily protein shake 🙄 meanwhile I have a mouthful of my food to his plateful and still I put on more weight than him! #hungry

– we weaned him off breastmilk (and by we I mean my amazing hubby did the hard yards for 2 weeks while I slept like the dead) basically by introducing coconut water as an alternative just under six months ago now. He has always loved coconut water and doesn’t like normal milk, so that helped the transition.

– somersaults into his cot for sleeps and thinks that’s the best thing ever!

– He may be cheeky and take up so much of my time, but he will still come and ask me to sit with him and have cuddles on the regular, and press his cheek to mine. He will stroke my face and tell me the quietest stories. He is really great at hugs. He will always kiss someone better that he has hurt. Accidentally or purposely. He is the youngest of three after all 😳 and he looks up to everyone in our family and I know he just wants to do everything we do already. Given he is the baby, and will always be, what I would give for him to slow down! But also, i’m not sad that he isn’t a baby anymore, coz this next part is a lot of fun and also just easier. And harder. But not 3 under 3 and a half hard anymore. 3 under 5 and a half is just more doable.


This is is my last couch update before the kids take over. I’ve been doing this on a pretty much monthly basis for 5 and a half years. Thanks for reading along. You can check out my posts of Judd’s first two years here, and Ellie’s start here.