Bakes – Number Cake

I have seen so many of these gorgeous number cakes on Pinterest that I had to give it a go!  I have been looking for an excuse for ages, but my 5 year old wasn’t interested for his birthday.  Which was fair enough 🙂
Today is my anniversary though, 16 years together and 8 years married to my husband, so I thought a ‘sweet sixteen’ cake, was a cute idea.

I based this on the Easter Bunny Cream Tart recipe from

The biscuit base recipe was brilliant, but the icing recipe isn’t overly tasty, nor firm enough in my opinion.  Next time I would probably go for a tastier type of meringue that would hold a little better.  It is still quite warm in Oz though, so I’m not sure if that has a lot to do with the icing not being as firm as it should be.

Have you made one of these cakes?  It’s such a pretty centrepiece, almost too good to eat!



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