little love: smith – month fifteen & sixteen

IMG_2172– Smith is almost 10kgs and although they are a little too big on him, I’m putting him into size 1 clothing.
– His two canines have just come in, and I didn’t notice he was teething…  ooops.
– Loves toddling along after the others, and is climbing on everything, just like his brother and sister did.  He would really, really like to sit at the table like they do, but he is still so tiny, he will be in a high chair for awhile yet.  I said it wasn’t fair to get two climbing kids BUT THREE!
– His hair is beautiful and long and curly, it’s just like Ellie’s but even blonder.  His eyes are still so blue.
– Loves using the pretend lawn mower.  He insists he wear his ear muffs and toddles around mowing everything down.  The video I have on him with the lawn mower is hilarious.
– Talking and telling a lot of stories.  Very, very chirpy when he first wakes up.  This week he said sprinkler when ours came on.  He say’s all our names, love you, good, yes, no, how doing, I don’t know, alright, ouch…  and heaps of other little baby phrases which are the cutest!
– Still loving nursery rhymes, especially the frog songs in the bath.  LOVES having a bath with the kids, HATES when anyone gets out, especially if it’s him.  Really, really loves the shower as well.  He loves water so much he really gets involved whenever the kids have a water activity out, and now that it’s warmer, I know we will be doing more of that.
– Loves the trampoline and being outside.
– Still clingy, still hating on his brother or sister when they get close for cuddles with Mummy while he is having cuddles.
– Is enjoying helping me cook in the kitchen, and probably prefers to clean up after.
– Loves playing with the ball, throwing it and running after it.
– Loves the chance to cuddle with Judd or Ellie in their big beds.
– He’s pretty cheeky, and thinks he can get away with anything as long as he gives you a cheezy grin afterwards…  It’s super cute and hard to discipline him, BUT most of the time he’s doing things where he is going to hurt himself so he does get in trouble.
– Plays peek a boo by slapping his hands onto his face really hard, and giggling.
– Loves being tickled and kissed under his chin, still.




In Month Sixteen with both Judd and Ellie I was announcing that the next baby is on the way…  And…  This time I’m very happy to announce that there are no babies on the way 🙂  It’s really nice to be able to enjoy this time without being sick and this Motherhood gig is starting to feel easier and more doable.


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