Little love: Smith – Month Thirteen


– 9kgs and 77cms long

– Size 0 clothing

– 4 new teeth, 2 canines and two bottom teeth, which have been joyful πŸ™„ Brings us to a grand total of 10.

– started walking about 4 steps at a time, to Mummy and Daddy or between furniture.

– Now that he is 9kgs we have turned his car seat around, which has helped car trips a little. He still doesn’t love the car, but it isn’t as much of a mission to get him in.

– climbing onto everything. The bumps and bruises are a constant here. He was very excited when he was able to climb onto the couch and the ottoman and did a little jumping happy dance.

– not eating much and relying on breast milk still… after a bout of mastitis, and then Smith refusing to eat or drink anything until he had the boob again, it’s been a fail on the weaning front.

– wants to be with me all the time. As in ALL THE TIME, unless Daddy just got home from work, then he just wants him.

– jealous as well, gets so upset when someone else is getting cuddles.

– His favourite thing is to play a game of ‘ta’ where he passes you things he finds and says Ta. He has beautiful manners!

– talking more. He says ‘I don’t want to’ so the attitude is already there! As well as ‘EL – O – EES!’ Calling after his sister πŸ˜‚

– loves the shower, especially being right underneath the jet, he thinks that is so much fun and a bit hilarious. It’s been our way of consoling him when his teeth have been bad as he tends to throw up when his teething pain is extreme.

– Loves playing music and dancing, and messing around with Judd who makes him giggle so much.


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