little love: smith – month twelve


– 8.5kgs and 73cms long
– Out of 00 and into 0 clothing 🙂
– 6 teeth
– Standing around the house more and more.  I think he may start walking in about two months time, he is definitely a ways off yet.
– Still talking a lot.  He has started saying ‘mif’ when he refers to himself.
– Other than chips, pizza and cake, he has gone fussy on me with eating.  Any kid food suggestions welcome, please!
– Generally sleeps once a day now, instead of two day sleeps.  SOMETHING is going on though, because the sleeping has not been fab, or it has been great if he is sleeping in bed with us and then my quality of sleep is meh.  SEND HELP!  I had both Judd and Eloise well sleep trained by now, and Judd was a horrible sleeper.  This is going to be my main focus this week with weaning etc, as obviously, the breastmilk is not enough for him and he is relying on it too much.
– Started going down steps and getting down from higher places the correct way (bum and legs first), and it’s super cute.
– I mayyyy have mentioned this last month, but he loves when Mark gets home and he will follow him around the house whinging until Mark picks him up and then he doesn’t let him put him down.  Daddy adoration.
– LOVES the Happy Birthday song.  LOVED his birthday party and especially the cake pops.  I’ll do a post on what we put together for his Wild One Birthday soon.
– Has started posing when the camera comes out!
– Both Judd and Ellie like to sing along to songs in the car, and now Smith does it too.  He especially loves the Moana song ‘We know the way’ and sings the ‘A’wei A’wei’ super loudly.  All the Mum’s nod your head coz you know the exact song I’m talking about, you’ve heard it a gzillion times and everyone else can just be confused about whatever this means 🙂
– Likes to get a cushion down off the couch or off the beds and pretend to nap.
– This kid is the cupboard destroyer.  It is taking me a long time to get him to understand what he can and cannot touch in the house, just in relation to cupboards.  Judd and Ellie were not like this at all, they knew they had certain things they could and couldn’t touch by now!  He loves opening a cupboard and ripping everything out of it.  Coz I needed more stuff to clean up, omg!
– Still loves a nursery rhyme and peek-a-boo.  His favourite book at the moment is one of those googly eyed ones, it’s all about wild animals.
– Loves playing cars and planes with Judd, makes all the right actions and noises.  His favourite toy is a car ramp and he laughs when the cars go round and round the ramp to go down.
– I love his little personality and especially how when he giggles his whole body shakes.

Thanks for following along for Smith’s first year!  I do monthly updates until the kids are 18 months old, and then yearly from then on.  So there will be more here next month. xxx



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