Judd’s Fourth Birthday

IMG_5320.JPGJudd’s Fourth Birthday was a lot of fun.  He was SO beyond excited to be celebrating it, and was obsessed with fire engines, so the fire engine cake was a given.  As it was an even birthday, it was another activity year, and we arranged with one of Mark’s mates, who is also a fire fighter, to visit the fire station and go on a tour.  Judd still talks about it, he was amazed to be at an actual fire station and get so close to a fire engine, and we were rapt to see him get his own personal tour of it all.  I can’t believe he is FOUR!  And finding all the photo’s and writing up about all four of his last birthday’s in a few days has really made it seem like it FLEW by!


Mark helped me decorate the cake.  We weren’t able to get to it till long after the kids were asleep, and we were up until the early hours of the morning decorating it.  Mark’s really good at all the finer details – thank god!


IMG_5479Judd seeing a fire engine up close!

IMG_5485IMG_5486Legend working the fire hose!

IMG_5315.JPGSo excited in the morning to be opening presents!


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