Ellie’s Second Birthday


When Ellie turned two, I got really sick.  I had mastitis and some form of stomach bug as well, an eight week old, a two year old and an almost four year old.  I was so unwell we celebrated her birthday a few days afterwards, which was not ideal and a notch for my Mummy guilt scale (which let’s be honest, always feels like it’s unbalanced not in my favour!)  Because I was so unwell I don’t feel like I captured her birthday when we did celebrate, and the cake could have been a lot better, but I wasn’t able to go out and get everything I needed for it.  So it was a simple celebration, which we will make up for when she turns three I’m sure.  As I said for Judd’s second birthday, for even birthday’s we do an activity with the family.  We couldn’t decide what Ellie would love to do the most, and she didn’t speak very much at this stage.  She did however LOVE food, so we took her to a cafe for lunch and she loved every second of it!  It’s the little things 🙂  When we told people that that’s what we did for Ellie’s day they laughed and said ‘that is so Ellie’ 🙂  She’s a foodie!





IMG_2178.jpgOpening presents – her favourite Jessie doll.

IMG_2442.JPGA beautiful flower delivery put the biggest smile on her face!


Ellie blowing out the candles
Blowing out the candles!


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