Ellie’s First Birthday

IMG_4365So I was pretty excited to go super girly for Ellie’s First Birthday.  I found a beautiful cake on Pinterest that I wanted to replicate (which I will not show you because mine looks so bad next to it!) and as that was white, pink and gold I went with that theme. It’s super popular right now, as it was back then, so decorations were easy to find!

Ellie’s birthday was earlier in the week, so I made a small naked cake, and then the big cake for that weekend’s family party.  Ellie was only having one sleep a day, so we did a coffee and cake catch up for when she woke up from her nap.

Ellie dressed up in a tutu and had such a lovely day.

IMG_4219 copyIMG_4256

This was the small naked cake I made for a little celebration during the week.

IMG_4101Her 1 in photos on the Fridge!
IMG_4157Opening presents on birthday morning.

Ellie’s birthday invitation –Ellie Invite.jpg

Party Time!  Balloons, Tassels and Paper flowers on top of the cupcakes, by Lavender Honey & Co.


Ellie’s birthday always falls during the only two weeks of the year that our cherry blossoms flower.  It is just perfect!  I cut off some to use as decoration.  They drop petals if you just breathe close to them and they have the strangest smell when trapped indoors, but it’s totally worth it and so special as they always bloom for her birthday.

A close up of the cake.  Cake topper by the very talented Lavender Honey and Co, who you can find on instagram.  Bottom tier of the cake is funfetti, painted gold, and the top tier is an edible peony.

When I went to the local cake shop and showed them the picture of the cake, thinking I would just need some fondant and some edible glitter, they were amazing, telling me everything I would need to make the cake, from dowels to funfetti.  I was in shock that I’d picked such a difficult cake, I honestly had no idea how to make it or what I needed, and they could have laughed me out of the store, but they were super helpful and I had a lot of fun making it with their advice. There were many subsequent YouTube tutorials 🙂 Judd helped too, which was gorgeous.  He was very serious about getting it right for his sister, a little artist in the making!

Cupcake toppers by Lavender Honey and Co, sprinkled with some edible Gold Glitter 🙂
Singing Happy Birthday!
IMG_4429Opening Presents!  Tutu from Kids Fashion Republic and Romper from Word On Baby.


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