Judd’s First Birthday



Now that I am in full swing of kids birthdays and cakes so, so many times each year, I thought it would be good to blog about the birthday’s that have been. Judd’s first birthday was over three years ago which is insane!  But I thought it was worth having these memories in this little place.  Judd is really big at the moment on talking about each of his birthday’s and what theme they were, so this is really front of mind for me right now.

Judd’s First Birthday was a plane party.

He loved flying and airplanes from a very young age, so we knew he would love it.  It was also around the time the first Planes movie was released.  I only started planning it a week out – eeek.  His birthday is a week after New Years, and he was sick over Christmas, so it was a bit crazy for us.  So a week out I started planning and then I realised how much fun kids birthday parties were!  So I would have done a lot more, if I was organised.  But who is that organised after Christmas / New Year / Sick Child and First Baby.  Cutting myself some slack here 🙂

For each child’s first birthday party, we only invite family. There are a lot of reasons for this, which I can’t write without sounding stroppy and annoying, so I’m going to leave the explanation out.    It’s nothing ridiculous, I just felt when I explained it I sounded like a party pooper and that is not the case at all.  Their first birthday’s are a small, intimate affair.  It allows me to do big things on a small scale, as below!

This was Judd’s birthday party invite, attached to his ‘book of firsts’ which I completed because #first child

Love seeing the couch photo’s all at once, so worth doing every month!

DSC_0513Birthday Party or not, they kids always get the number they are turning in photo’s, not he fridge!


DSC_0521DSC_0522Fondant, especially when it is the first cake you’ve ever done, is scary!

We had the party in between Judd’s sleeps, at the time he was having two a day, so it fell on lunchtime.  We decided to run with the plane theme and serve an ‘in-flight meal’ which was fun!DSC_0660DSC_0670Judd loved singing Happy Birthday and got really excited, waving his hands and shouting hooray.  It was super cute and a day I’ll always remember.


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