little love: smith – month ten


– Closer to 9 kgs and still at 71cms
– 00 and 0 clothing.
– We moved Smith into his own room this month (head over to my instagram – lauren.loves.xox to have a look!), and he has been loving it!  He has a great sleep stint now at night, where I think we were disturbing him for that time when he was in with us.
– Letting us feed him consistently now – YAY – and eating so much himself as well. He is loving biscotti, cucumber and anything that contains butter.  He is fabulous at eating and he tends to rip harder things with his front teeth.  It’s clever and as a parent, a bit cringeworthy.  It was also Easter this month and we learnt very quickly that he LOVES chocolate and that he will eat through foil to get to it.
– Pulling himself up (as with last month) and walking along furniture. Standing on the flats of his feet, which is major progress for this twinkle toes. Walking from ottoman to couch, coffee tables to couches, any short little distances.
– I think he has anywhere from six to eight teeth now. I’ve stopped looking, and my nipples just know by feel. I’m pretty sure I have eight teeth marks on each side. Waah!
– Parrots us. Honestly, the words he says when he is repeating us, sound scarily the same. I have him on camera repeating ‘I love you’ as an example.  He says Ta, Yeah, No, Don’t, I Do, Mumma, Dada, Ga for Granny, Boofa (which he says cheekily when I’m telling him he’s a boofa lol), Aaaah Boo (for peekaboo of course) scone (yes random, but he does and Judd eats a lot of pumpkin scones), Uh Uh (when he is heading for something he isn’t allowed to touch), Bubba, Yay, Ooooohhhh (is his wow – he did this this month when he saw we were having mash for dinner one night and now that he thinks we think it’s hilarious he does it ALL.THE.TIME), Roars, and when we ask him what sound a doggie makes, he tips his head back and woofs.  It’s pretty funny.
– Getting a bit of a mullet back there.  He has the blondest hair out of all of our kiddies at the same age, but it is curling like their’s all did.
– Loves the oven.  Loves turning it on and changing the temperature on me while dinner or baked goods are in there.
– Really snuggles into your chin for cuddles.
– Gives slobbery kisses.  THE BEST!
– Temper is out and it is fierce.
– LOVES incy wincy, seriously screams with happiness when it is sung.
– A bit more shy than the other kiddies were with loud noises, not a huge fan of the vacuum cleaner and needs lots of warning.  Any kitchen appliance though, the louder the better.
– Loves having his hair brushed or his head scratched.
– He started pushing Judd’s fire trucks and cars along the floor this month, making the siren noises.  The boy gene is strong in this one.
– Loves being in the swing or racing around on Daddy’s shoulders with the other kiddies.
– Goes a bit crazy shaking his head no!  Thinks it’s super funny.
– Is wriggling so so much for Daddy in the bath, it’s a struggle.  However, LOVES the shower.
– He really is just super happy so much of the time.  And I really think he is the daggiest of all our kids, and Mark and I combined 🙂  He just likes to clown around and make you laugh.  He loves making Judd and Ellie laugh and will belly laugh along with them.  It’s a really gorgeous personality.
– He thinks Judd is hilarious, and when Judd makes him laugh, it’s the gorgeous belly laugh that usually gives him the hiccups.  Very contagious.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the past three months especially, have been really hard.  When your baby gets to that point of waking easily and you have two very loud little people in the house all the time it is difficult to feel like you are ever going to be able to make a good sleeper, or when you have school runs that completely mess with routine, it has that carry on effect into night time.  Sometimes I just want to have just one baby again so this constant guilt might go away.  But the bond between these kids is amazing, and I feel very very grateful to not only have been given them, but that I get to watch them grow up together.  Now I’m trying to work on not feeling like I’m catastrophically failing everyday.  Three little people and two hands, does not a good mother make.  I desperately don’t want any of them to feel overlooked ever,  and it feels like it happens to each one of them, at least once, every single day. And I desperately want to give my husband a break from the chaos at home and the chaos from work, and that doesn’t happen either. I think I’ve spent a lot of time feeling like I’m not the mother I was with one – that I’ve had to adapt to survive – and at times I feel I’ve failed – Judd especially, and the other kids in that sense.  Time is just not on my side.  The daily guilt about everything is real.  Maggie Dent and her articles and parent resources have helped.    Our lives have really wound down, even more so than they did while I tried to get Judd into a routine from when he was a bub.  And that’s ok.  We go slower and we spend a lot of time being together at home.  There is still lots to do and get done, but this way the kids aren’t pulled from pillar to post and they get a chance to play and learn.  I can do everything at a slower pace, from baking to craft, to nature exploring and imagining.  As I’ve always said, it won’t be like this for long.  I’m loving these days of cuddles and simple moments filling my days.  I’m so lucky to stay at home with them, I want to enjoy every minute, as the days are ticking past so quickly.

Next post I am going to showcase all of the kids past Birthday’s, as we start to get ready for Smith’s big ONE!




One thought on “little love: smith – month ten

  1. Raising Princess Shealee says:

    He’s beautiful as are little Judd and Ellie. You are doing an amazing job with 3 kids and admire that you can still bake etc. So well done you. Keep doing what your doing as it’s working. The kids are always smiling and happy. Xx


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