little loves: smith – month nine



– 8.5kgs and 71cms
– Still in 00 clothing, 0 looks a little too big still. 0 in Bonds swim on him.
– Actually letting me feed him occasionally, which is a win for my floor.  I gave him ice cream this week – LOVES ICE CREAM.  ALL THE ICE CREAM!
– Crawling super speedily, errrrrywhere.  Also likes to do the downward dog yoga pose.  He is so proud of himself being able to keep up with his big brother and sister now, and get right in to see what they are up to and steal a toy or two.  And Judd and Ellie really love it as well.  Until he starts pulling their hair or slobbering over their favourite toy anyway.  His favourite thing is to chase BB8 around.
– Pulling himself up on furniture. We’ve lowered his cot now, as he would be up and trying to get out in seconds of being awake.
– Claps hands for Daddy and then raises his hands up in HOORAY!
– One more tooth just cut up the top. So four teeth total now.  He knows how to use them too.  Rips meat off a lamb chop with his big top tooth.
– He is a chatterbox!  Very happy to make sure he is heard over all the noise too.  At kindy drop off he sits in the pram and yells out in his baby babble to all the kiddies.  So funny.
– Dropped the quick nap before dinner.  Dinnertime is officially chaos.  As if it wasn’t before 🙂
– He’s really, really good at clacking his tongue.  But I think I mentioned that months ago.  #sleepdeprived lol.
– Pulls the funny face and reaches his hands up and twirls them around when he wants to be picked up.
– He is always just so happy.  Always has a smile for me.

I can’t believe that Smith has been out now for as long as he’s been in, another milestone to add to the list.  There seem to have been so many this month, and the elusive 11 month mark, where I know it all starts to get so much easier, is in our sights and I’m starting to imagine what it would be like to have my body back after being pregnant or breastfeeding OR BOTH for five years now. Smith is taking a sip cup so stopping breastfeeding when he is one seems like a real possibility.

Mark has been busy making a loft in our home, so Smith will finally have a room of his own in a few weeks.  I’ve started organising that, and in addition to that working out the theme for his first birthday.  It’s a lot of fun.  Our days currently as this crazy, chaotic mess of fun.








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