little loves: smith – month eight


– 8kgs and 70cms
– Still in 00 clothing, 0 looks a little too big still
– Eating everything!  Refuses to let anyone do it (unless if Daddy tricks him) but is happily eating toast and pancakes and Mum’s spaghetti.  I haven’t even really had to blend anything.
– Clapping hands, waving hi and bye, moving around by a mixture of a semi crawl and roll, as well as planking.  Photo’s above 🙂  Also raises his hands up to be picked up.
– Daddy bought him a walker a few weeks ago, a little ATV, which he absolutely loves.  He has started motoring around on it (only on his tip toes OF COURSE) and tries to be super speedy and reach all Mummy’s stuff before I can catch him.
– So technically he said Dada first.  But no one was around to hear it and he has only said it the once.  He says Mum Mum ALLLLL the time.  He also blows raspberries (like he’s saying YUK) when I change his dirty nappy and says Bub Bub too.
– Three teeth just cut.  The bottom two and one top one.
– He is starting to hate the car seat and I think it’s because we are in and out of it so much on Judd’s kindy days – something I haven’t had to worry about with babies before!
– Loves sitting in the high chair and learning about the mixer, thermomix and oven.  Lucky our new oven has a lock!
– Really loves to be put to sleep by having someone kiss his cheeks and he snuggles his little arms around your neck.  It is absolutely horrible!  hahaha, just kidding, it is the absolute best.
– With being on the move and cutting teeth, Judd starting kindy meaning all the kids are out of sorts, sleep here has been somewhat missing from our lives.  Smith is just starting to get better now and Judd and Ellie have been better for a week or so so fingers crossed this month see’s more shut eye.
– Starting to drop that quick nap before dinner that means I can actually get something on the table lol.  Bit hit and miss still though.
– Loves to give kisses goodbye, big open mouth slobbers.
– Really grateful he is such a laid back bubba, it makes school pick up and drop off and all the upheaval of his day a breeze.  And so happy, everyone at school thinks he’s the happiest baby they have ever seen, and so do we.


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