little loves: eloise – two and a half! (month thirty)


– Ellie is 88cms tall and 12 kgs
– She is just into size two clothes.  I bought some jammies that were three’s, only because I wanted to get a lot of wear out of them.  Some things she wears are still ones so we are getting A LOT of wear out of clothes.
– Has grown into size five shoes.  I still have SO MANY size six shoes that I am dying to put her in!  I will wait yet another year I guess.  Such tiny feet.
– Still naps during the days, for about two hours, sometimes three.  Doesn’t like to nap when Judd is at kindy, I think she is so too excited to have the house and me to herself that she generally passes out in the car on the way to pick him up and has slept in and out of the car and pram on those days.
– Counts to twenty, just misses seven 🙂
– sings her ABC’s and signs some of the letters with me.
– knows all her colours and shapes.  Gets many of the animals, and every piece of fruit.  We are working on her knowing her vegetables.  She knows the basics but somethings she is mixing up, like cauliflower and broccoli which is totally normal, I’d say.
– She loves the word books which is where we are practicing vegetables etc.  She also loves the story Rapunzel (Tangled), the Millie Mae series, What Makes a Rainbow and Where is the Green Sheep.  She can recite the last three.
– loves to sing and to mime especially.  In the car.  With her microphone.  Whilst dancing around the family room with the sound blaring.  Let it Go, How Far I’ll Go and Jessie’s Girl are her favourites.  Her go to songs.
– Given she is counting and singing, obviously she has finally started speaking!  Two months after she turned two we very quickly progressed from ‘uh’ to complete sentences. She first started speaking one night at bedtime when she took over reading the story from me.  It had been a long time coming, I cried!
– She has completely come into her element since Judd has started kindy, and her little personality is just so funny, especially when she has someone’s full attention.  She likes to play around and be cheeky (in a fun, not naughty way) because she is a little clown really!
– She parrots absolutely everything we say and has been coming out of her shell with the extended family as well.
– Her favourite things to say and recite are the Paw Patrol. She LOVES Paw Patrol.  The slogans they have and the theme song too.  She will spend a good hour in her bedroom playing with her Paw Patrol on her own and she won’t stop speaking the entire time.
– Has beautiful manners, and is so considerate to others.  She won’t go and get a snack without making sure everyone else has one too, and when you thank her for being so considerate she says ‘no froblem.’ She never forgets her manners at home and would only miss them while we are out because she is shy.
– Loves her baby.  Loves to give it a bottle and wrap her.  She named her Cabbage Patch doll Phoebe.  She is busting to give Smith a bottle and take care of him like she does her doll.  She says ‘Oh Smith!  You so cuuuute!’
– She is great at the shops and listens, she stays with me if she is walking.  ‘Ok Mummy!’ She will happily reply when I ask her to do something.  So still an angel babe.
– Quietly eating us out of house and home.  Finished her entire days lunchbox before 9am yesterday.  Her favourite things are apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (ALL THE BERRIES) cheese toasties, sultana’s and chippies.
– She likes the playground, but she really just wants to spend the entire time on the swing.
– Comes up to me during the day for cuddles and to tell me she loves me. ‘I Love Lou’ she says.   The other night we were having a cuddle before bedtime and she says ‘Mummy, you are my whole heart.’ *heart melts*
– Really hesitant around dogs.  Even the cutest, fluffiest, oldest and smallest dogs she really doesn’t want anything to do with.
– She is a gymnast.  She can’t watch tv or play sitting normally for long.  We find her on her head, planking across furniture and in the weirdest positions!  Loves to be spun around and turned ‘upside dowd Mummy!’ and be tickled.  And I try and make her laugh a lot.
– Loves helping bake, especially mixing and cracking eggs.  She is surprisingly really good at this!
– Judd and Eloise so often (more often than not) very happily play together.  Whether it be outside running around in the garden or in the cubby, inside with blocks, paw patrol, cooking or whatever.  Currently they pretend that one is the ghost and the other runs away, which generally ends in cuddles with Ellie, as she is ‘scared Mummy!’
I also hear Judd showing her things and Ellie saying ‘that’s cool!’
– We play ‘I Spy’ on the way to kindy drop off.  Ellie says, ‘Spy with little eye, something… pink!’ every day.  The other day Judd and I were trying to figure out what it was (there really aren’t that many pink things around on our drive to and from school) when Ellie pipes up… ‘is it…’ she says. ‘Do you not know what it is Ellie?’ I say.  ‘Uh No!’ she replies.  We had a good giggle.  When Judd guesses correctly she says ‘Wow!  Good Job Juddy!  High Five!’
– Just gorgeous to greet you.  First thing in the morning it’s ‘Hi Mummy.  I had a good sleep!’ or if she is up before Mark has gone to work, you can hear her door open and shut and a little happy ‘Hi Daddy’ and IT IS JUST GORGEOUS!  As Mark says, the world could do with more Ellie’s.  I totally agree.  She is sunshine to our lives.




little loves: smith – month eight


– 8kgs and 70cms
– Still in 00 clothing, 0 looks a little too big still
– Eating everything!  Refuses to let anyone do it (unless if Daddy tricks him) but is happily eating toast and pancakes and Mum’s spaghetti.  I haven’t even really had to blend anything.
– Clapping hands, waving hi and bye, moving around by a mixture of a semi crawl and roll, as well as planking.  Photo’s above 🙂  Also raises his hands up to be picked up.
– Daddy bought him a walker a few weeks ago, a little ATV, which he absolutely loves.  He has started motoring around on it (only on his tip toes OF COURSE) and tries to be super speedy and reach all Mummy’s stuff before I can catch him.
– So technically he said Dada first.  But no one was around to hear it and he has only said it the once.  He says Mum Mum ALLLLL the time.  He also blows raspberries (like he’s saying YUK) when I change his dirty nappy and says Bub Bub too.
– Three teeth just cut.  The bottom two and one top one.
– He is starting to hate the car seat and I think it’s because we are in and out of it so much on Judd’s kindy days – something I haven’t had to worry about with babies before!
– Loves sitting in the high chair and learning about the mixer, thermomix and oven.  Lucky our new oven has a lock!
– Really loves to be put to sleep by having someone kiss his cheeks and he snuggles his little arms around your neck.  It is absolutely horrible!  hahaha, just kidding, it is the absolute best.
– With being on the move and cutting teeth, Judd starting kindy meaning all the kids are out of sorts, sleep here has been somewhat missing from our lives.  Smith is just starting to get better now and Judd and Ellie have been better for a week or so so fingers crossed this month see’s more shut eye.
– Starting to drop that quick nap before dinner that means I can actually get something on the table lol.  Bit hit and miss still though.
– Loves to give kisses goodbye, big open mouth slobbers.
– Really grateful he is such a laid back bubba, it makes school pick up and drop off and all the upheaval of his day a breeze.  And so happy, everyone at school thinks he’s the happiest baby they have ever seen, and so do we.