little loves: smith – month seven

Is this not the happiest little baby you have ever seen!? We really do make the happiest of bubba’s.

– 7.5 kgs and 70 cms long
– 0’s are still too big, 00’s are fitting perfectly.
– Tried him on my full butter, milk, salt and pepper (AKA HEALTH FOOD PLUS) mash potato and myyyyy goodness, he LOVED it. From then on he has been loving food, but he will only do it himself thank you very much (Ellie was the same) so we are right into Baby Led Weaning again.
– So not gentle. So much pain. My hair is split end central thanks to those tiny little fingers. Ellie loves giving him cuddles but it always ends with tears and ‘Mith, My Hair! Don’t pull hair!’
– Clapping hands. Well fists. But you get the gist.
– The face when Daddy comes home. Oh my word, he loves his Daddy and him coming home from work is by far the favourite part of his day.
– So happy. He had a runny nose this week and a bit of a temp, we gave him panadol and he vomited straight away, and was smiling and laughing moments later. He is just a little lump of happiness, who we simply adore. He has been struggling to breathe during feds so hasn’t been as settled of late, and we are just about at the leap where he realizes he’s separated from me, so I’m expecting a sleep deprived month. He still has really good naps because he is an angel!
– Has the most beautiful skin, it’s soft and he is so squidgy! He has a muffin top and rolls the Michelin man would be jealous of.
– With Judd’s birthday this month we found out that he loves balloons, AND he drove in his very first fire engine.
– Is taking no interest in sitting, and I am not pushing it, happy for him to say little forever!
– Is getting around though.  He shuffles and will roll all around a room to get to the other side.  Pretty innovative little kid 🙂
– Happily helps me in the kitchen, very interested in the oven and mixer, so I’ve been baking a lot. He likes to be propped in the high chair with all the baking things Mummy uses to play with.
– Has the best little giggle and has started to really cackle this month. I want to bottle it.