little love: smith – month six



– 7 kgs and almost 70cms tall
– Fitting 00’s perfectly.
– Not interested in food. AT ALL! I thought it was weird that he hadn’t yet shown any signs of being ready, but a few days before he turned six months I started trying, and he cries when I put any food in his mouth. We’ll just keep at it, and hopefully he’ll be keen on it soon.
– Has fallen in love with a book called ‘Hugless Dougless’ – one of Juddy’s that he asked to read one night and Smith giggles and giggles and giggles over it. He loves being read to, which I think I’ve probably said in every monthly update of his.
– Very ticklish. Loves when I sing ‘Wheels on the bus’ and tickle him every time the horn goes ‘beep, beep, beep.’
– Squawks, just like his sister used to. Trying to be heard over everyone else in this crazy house of chaos I think.
– Can pull hair to make your eyes water.
– So many smooches.
– So happy, so bright. His eyes just sparkle and he never seems to complain. Even when he’s left on the mat for a little too long while I run around and try to do all the things (#mumlife) he is still so smiley and happy as soon as he see’s you, it is all forgotten.
– Happy as in the Baby Bjorn at the shops. He will cuddle into me and not make a peep for however long we are out and about.
– Christmas was magical, he loved the wrapping paper and slept happily on the day, and during Christmas lunch – HOORAY!



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