little loves: judd – four

This is the year Judd will go to kindy!

So many answers were the same, so many were very different 🙂
Here is last years post for reference.

What is your name?  Judd Graeme Henry Taylor.
How old are you?  Four.
What is your favourite colour?  Blue.
What is your favourite toy?  Racing cars. Blayze the most. I like my City Lego SO MUCH!
What is your favourite fruit?  Apples and Raspberries and Strawberries and Pancakes.
What is your favourite snack?  Biscuits.
What is your favourite drink?  Water.
What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?  Toast with Peanut Butter.
What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?  Pasghetti!
What food do you really dislike?  Banana’s.
What is your favourite TV Show?  Octonauts.
What is your favourite thing to wear?  A shirt. I like that particular shirt.
What is your favourite game?  Chasing.
What is your favourite animal?  A tiger.
What is your favourite song?  Hold back the River.
What is your favourite book?  Planes.
Who do you love?  You.
What is your favourite memory?  My favourite memory is reading books.
Who is your biggest hero?  *points at Daddy*
What makes you happy?  Tickling.
What makes you sad?  Anyone snatching things off me makes me upset.
Who is your best friend?  Noah.
What is your favourite thing to do outside?  Racing.
What is your favourite thing to do with Mummy?  Play with blocks.
What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy?  Play hockey.
What is your favourite thing to do with Ellie?  I don’t know.
What is your favourite holiday? Christmas.
What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Little Ted.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A helicopter pilot.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  To the North Pole. Because I bet the helicopter would go so fast.
What do you want for dinner for your birthday?  A cake. A fire engine one!
What is your favourite present?  Lego.



little love: smith – month six



– 7 kgs and almost 70cms tall
– Fitting 00’s perfectly.
– Not interested in food. AT ALL! I thought it was weird that he hadn’t yet shown any signs of being ready, but a few days before he turned six months I started trying, and he cries when I put any food in his mouth. We’ll just keep at it, and hopefully he’ll be keen on it soon.
– Has fallen in love with a book called ‘Hugless Dougless’ – one of Juddy’s that he asked to read one night and Smith giggles and giggles and giggles over it. He loves being read to, which I think I’ve probably said in every monthly update of his.
– Very ticklish. Loves when I sing ‘Wheels on the bus’ and tickle him every time the horn goes ‘beep, beep, beep.’
– Squawks, just like his sister used to. Trying to be heard over everyone else in this crazy house of chaos I think.
– Can pull hair to make your eyes water.
– So many smooches.
– So happy, so bright. His eyes just sparkle and he never seems to complain. Even when he’s left on the mat for a little too long while I run around and try to do all the things (#mumlife) he is still so smiley and happy as soon as he see’s you, it is all forgotten.
– Happy as in the Baby Bjorn at the shops. He will cuddle into me and not make a peep for however long we are out and about.
– Christmas was magical, he loved the wrapping paper and slept happily on the day, and during Christmas lunch – HOORAY!