Little loves: smith – month five


– almost 7kgs, and 63 cms tall

– sleep regression is yet to hit. Has been sleeping in 10 hour stints 6 nights of the week, the other 1 he is waking for a dream feed at 11pm. So I’m guessing he’s late to the party in realizing that he isn’t attached to Mummy anymore, and I’m guessing in about 10 weeks time all hell will break loose. I’m going to rest and sleep as much as I can in preparation.

– showing off his muscles and planking on the floor. I guess he’ll start rocking next month 😭

– bottom teeth seem to have dropped! Hooray! I think…

– has taken to loving the jolly jumper, especially when he can hang around with his brother and sister. I reckon he was a pro jumper after a week of Judd and Ellie trying to manually jump him themselves and using the device as a swing. #nobabieswereharmedinthemakingofthispost

– giggles with Judd a lot. They both get the hiccups 😂

– is generally just smiling and happy. He is rarely crying. Weirdly, he is a homebody and just likes to sleep when there is just us family at home. If not he is a bit fussy, and crashes as soon as the house is just us again!

– I am very excited for Christmas. I have had an almost one year old, a three month old, and now an almost 6 month old at this time of year. Christmas is always magical with kids and this one I know will be especially so.



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