little love: smith – month three


I’m really sad that my ‘fourth trimester’ is now over. It has gone so quickly, especially as I was so sick this month with mastitis, quickly followed by a week long migraine and infection that three courses of antibiotics failed to fix. I really don’t recommend getting sick and having a threenager, a two year old and a tiny baby to look after that’s for sure.
– 6kgs and 60cms long
– Well out of 0000’s and the 000’s are starting to feel snug.
– He is bulking. This kid can drink.
– Sleeping really well, eight hours straight through each night and happily having four naps during the day.
– Teeth! We can see all four bottom teeth and two have cut through gums, I’m not sure if I want them to go back down or not given they have not bothered him at all.
– Loves Twinkle Twinkle, The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow and Wheels on the bus
– Grabbing things and loving his wooden mobile
– Chats to the animals on his bouncer
– In general is talking my ear off, so much jibber jabber
– Giggling away for Mummy, I love it!
– Into the big kids seats of the bugaboo and loving not being flat
– Loves bath time with Daddy
– Hates when his big sister cries and will cry in sympathy also
– No more rolling, but he maneuvers himself from the bottom of the cot to the top. Sigh.



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