little loves: smith – month two



– 5.2 kgs and 58 cms long
– I have only Bonds 0000 left that fit him, everything else he is out of and in 000!  I’ve also jumped to Crawler nappies because I found the infant size weirdly shaped on him.  The Crawlers capture any explosion very well.  Lol.
– Smiles!  Smith loves talking and smiling so much.  He has even been giggling these past few days.  He is really content and placid.  Happy enough to go with the flow thank goodness!  At the moment all of his smiles are saved for Mummy which is so sweet.  This is why I love the Mum/Son bond so much!
– He has rolled a full 360.  Yup, front to back, back to front.  He has done this four times now in our bed.  But it does not count because it’s a bed and it’s a bit of a wobbly surface.  Am I right?  Am I right?  Please say I am because this is our last baby and this one isn’t allowed to grow up.  Like ever.
– Still loves his bath and is in a zen like state when he’s in it.  He also doesn’t even mind getting out of it now, so he’s a super chilled little thing for his Daddy each time.
– I think he is being a little superstar with his sleeps, especially as he is regularly woken up by kids who run and scream around the house during the day, or go in ‘just to see if he’s ok’ or when I catch Ellie rubbing his head and talking to him in his cot!  He isn’t the best at dinner time at the moment, it’s our most difficult time of the day and I think it is because he is feeding, feeding, feeding so he can then sleep, sleep, sleep.  He is currently going down at 10.30pm until 4am-ish.  He has had a leap during this month and during that time he was up at 12pm also, but as long as I miss out on that 2am feed I feel good during the day.
– When he hit six weeks I started using our Husband and Baby Co Carrier when we are out and about.  It works like a miracle on him.  Instant sleeping babe.  I don’t like to use these too much as I worry about their little hips, but it has been a godsend at the shops.    I know he will sleep in it for a long time, even though we haven’t had to test that yet.  With a double pram, and carrying a tiny baby, I get really great service and people tend to be really considerate and helpful which is lovely, so we aren’t at the shops for long, except when I get a lot of people oohing and aaahing over the kids and wanting to have a chat.
– I think Smith is starting to look less like Judd and more like Ellie, however I’ve come across baby pictures of me and I think that’s the closest comparison right now.  So much will change in the next month which is exciting and sad.  One more month of that ‘fourth trimester’ and then it’s all going to get very real juggling all the babes!

Until then!  xx


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