little loves: smith – month one

IMG_1068 3

Such a huge difference between week one and month one!  This is what’s been happening this month… Other than poop, eat, sleep, which let’s be honest, is basically everything in newborn land.

– Smith is really placid, very different from his brother, and more like his sister.  (Can I get a collective THANK GOODNESS!)

– He will happily sleep with only one feed, sometimes two from 9pm to 7am HOWEVER, he really prefers to sleep with me.  Thankfully, he likes to sleep very easily in the nook of my arm.  I’m a believer of sleep promotes sleep so I will sleep whatever way possible to teach them to love sleep, so my back is killing me but I am well rested.  As well rested as you can be by sleeping very aware of another tiny little human.

– Will definitely be a tummy sleeper, and in the next month I know I will get more confident to put him on his tummy, but right now I would prefer to be safe while he still shouldn’t be moving his neck muscles.

– Weighs 4.4kgs, a full kilo heavier than at birth.  He has been bulking this week 🙂

– out of prem / 00000 sizes and into 0000.

– Our first babe who is serious!  Judd and Ellie smiled a lot, from day five and day three respectively, but Smith has given us maybe two real (not wind) smiles which I missed on camera.  I’m very happy for him to take his time growing up, being our last little babe.

– Will happily sleep in the car as long as it is moving, just like the other two!

– loves the bath. So our two older kiddies used to kick in the water at this age, but Smith goes into a zen like state and lays there in complete meditation. All signs are pointing to this one being a little less crazy than his brother and sister! 👏🏼




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