Little loves: Ellie – Month Seventeen



– Still 9kgs in the morning, and 10kgs after all her food.  She is still in size 0 and size 1 are a little big.
– Loves helping Daddy and Juddy in the backyard, playing hockey and gardening, and especially loves being in the shed and into all of Daddy’s bits and pieces.
– ‘Helps’ Mummy ‘cook’ in the Kitchen.  And by help and cook I mean eats.
– Loves Loves Loves singing songs and doing the actions.  Current faves is “Galoomp went the Frog’ and ‘Rock-a-Bye Your Bear.’
– We regularly find her scavenging food.  It is hilarious how sneaky she can be.  We have two containers at the bottom of our pantry, one has the kids snacks in it, sultana’s, crackers, muesli bars, and the bottom one has my unopened baking food, like dates and oats etc.  She will empty out each container, and then has started turning them upside down to climb to the good stuff, choc chips, Dad’s chocolate blocks, lollipops etc.  She is quick and she thinks her cute little smile gets her out of anything.  She is too cute for us to get angry at!
– And then there is the mess when she eats dinner!  She loves it so much, and can make HUGE MESSES!
– Points at the TV when her favourite show comes on.
– Loves building towers and saying ‘TA DA!’
– Kisses my bump.
– Loves wrecking our block towers.
– A gymnast in the making.  She will ask to do flips over and over again and will balance along wood beams, do dizzy wizzy’s, and jump from obstacle to obstacle.
– Judd has been potty training and if Ellie could speak better, I would have her trained too.  She loves sitting on the potty and has taken a huge interest in taking her nappies off and what Judd is doing on the toilet.
– Can’t believe she will be 18 months old in March.


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