Little loves: Ellie – Months Twelve to Sixteen

Eloise - 1 to 12

I have had a few problems with my laptop, then my photo albums, then morning sickness!  So Ellie’s updates have been done, and have just been waiting to be uploaded.  Here are four months worth!


– 8.5kgs and 73 cms long.
– In O clothing.
– Very busily walking around a lot now! She is still getting used to shoes.
– Not speaking as much, I think we are focused on the motor skills right now.
– Some molars have started poking through!
– Waking up even later than usual, so sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night, and then two hours during the day, which is lovely. Especially as Judd still has a three hour sleep at the same time! Yay!
– Loves The Cranky Bear books, especially roaring like a bear.
– She is such a little giggler, which is gorgeous.  She loves clapping her hands together and will laugh because she thinks she is pretty clever!



Month Thirteen


– 9kgs
– Oh my goodness, when Daddy comes home from work. The yelling, the jumping, the squealing!
– Her favourite show is the Wiggles, which to be honest, I’m not enjoying.
– Her curls have gone crazy this month, she has the most beautiful hair! I am loving putting it into pigtails.
– She does the most beautiful actions to Twinkle Twinkle, Incy Wincy Spider and Open Shut them.
– We are loving the nicer weather, and the kiddies love heading outside in the afternoons, especially when Daddy gets home.
– Loves colouring in. She is very artistic, coz it’s not just paper she loves. She loves colouring in furniture, toys, her dolls etc…



Month Fourteen
– 9.4kgs
– Now has twelve teeth! She loves brushing them..
– She has started giving high fives and knuckles, which we did not teach her lol. Maybe Judd did!
– Is constantly in the pantry, looking for food. It is so funny! She has been climbing the shelves for the choc chips, which she especially likes!
– Loves dinner time, say’s WOW when she see’s her dinner coming towards her!
– Schmooshes her face up against glass for kisses.
– They both love dancing around the house to ‘shake their jiggles out!’


Month Fifteen


– 9.7kgs and 75 cms long.
– Four more teeth on the way to add to the twelve she has.
– A big month for us, my milk dried up and I have stopped feeding Ellie. It was honestly the hardest thing I have had to do, but Ellie was a trooper.
– I have been very under the weather this month, so we have been laying a bit low, as much possible during the busy Christmas period!
– I have found her on our study desk, and in the bathroom sink! It’s not fair to get two climbing kids is it?!
– Absolutely loves the Millie Mae books, about seasons. They are touch and feel books, and she loves the winter one with the snowmen especially.
– Loves getting her hair blow dried, and will come running when she hears me drying mine for a quick blast and then she will run off giggling.


Month Sixteen


– 10kgs! After her dinner 🙂
– I’ve started putting her into some 1 clothing.
– She has started running after Judd and when he chases her around the house.
– Started crying whenever anyone leaves the house, she gets so upset!
– Loves cuddling in any of the big beds, Mummy and Daddy’s or Juddy’s, with Judd.
– They are so loving together, but she can also lose it at him! She yells JUDD and will hit at him and pull his hair when she isn’t happy with him. Judd usually sings her Rock-a-Bye Baby when she gets upset. Or tells her to shoosh.
– Any hat is hers in her eyes. Everything has to go on her head! Even shower caps.
– She loves going through the animal noises. She can roar like a lion, she is very good at doing the Elephant, the Snake and the Frog. Absolutely loves the Dear Zoo book
– Loves playing tea parties in her room, making coffee in the cubby or going shopping with fruits and vegetables.
– I can actually plait her hair now! I love it!
– Always pointing out facial features on your face and then referring them to her own face.  You have to be on guard when you are holding her really as you can easily and quickly get poked in the eye!
– Her new favourite book is ‘I’m a big sister’ both kids are so excited for our new addition.  Well now they are! 🙂

Baby 3



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