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Easter 2016


Little Loves: Ellie – Month Eighteen

Eloise - 18

– LOOK WHO IS EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD!  I can so clearly remember when Judd was this age, and I can’t believe Eloise is here already too!
– 10 kgs and still in 0/1 clothing.
– Her feet are tiny!  She is still in size three’s, when she should be in about six!  The shoes we are buying her are still pre-walkers.
– Absolutely shot up, 6 cms in as many weeks, now 81 cms tall.
– Loves dancing in the car with Judd.
– Because she doesn’t speak much, she gets really excited when I know exactly what she needs.  She does a little dance and clicks her tongue.  Funny and cute.
– Has started becoming more confident in social situations, as she was so shy and didn’t like crowds at all, this has come as a huge shock!
– Really loves my make up and skin care bag.  She especially loves putting eyeliner, brow pencil and lip crayons all over her face.
– Just started to get very particular over what she wants to wear.  Yesterday was a debacle because she wanted to wear a pink t-shirt and cried until she had it on, insisted on her Emma bow, pink socks, and I put some little bloomers on because it was very hot, and LUCKILY, they made the cut!
– Her and Judd love playing together, and she loves when he snuggles with her and pretends to sleep.
– Has started to watch and love Frozen, HOWEVER, she will only watch up till the Let It Go song.  She does not like that song and loses interest in the whole movie.  I have never known a little girl to not love that song!
– Such a little joy to be around, always smiling, always so happy, Eloise is such a beautiful ray of sunshine to our day, and we just feel so blessed she chose us to be her parents!

Eloise - One to Eighteen


Little loves: Ellie – Month Seventeen



– Still 9kgs in the morning, and 10kgs after all her food.  She is still in size 0 and size 1 are a little big.
– Loves helping Daddy and Juddy in the backyard, playing hockey and gardening, and especially loves being in the shed and into all of Daddy’s bits and pieces.
– ‘Helps’ Mummy ‘cook’ in the Kitchen.  And by help and cook I mean eats.
– Loves Loves Loves singing songs and doing the actions.  Current faves is “Galoomp went the Frog’ and ‘Rock-a-Bye Your Bear.’
– We regularly find her scavenging food.  It is hilarious how sneaky she can be.  We have two containers at the bottom of our pantry, one has the kids snacks in it, sultana’s, crackers, muesli bars, and the bottom one has my unopened baking food, like dates and oats etc.  She will empty out each container, and then has started turning them upside down to climb to the good stuff, choc chips, Dad’s chocolate blocks, lollipops etc.  She is quick and she thinks her cute little smile gets her out of anything.  She is too cute for us to get angry at!
– And then there is the mess when she eats dinner!  She loves it so much, and can make HUGE MESSES!
– Points at the TV when her favourite show comes on.
– Loves building towers and saying ‘TA DA!’
– Kisses my bump.
– Loves wrecking our block towers.
– A gymnast in the making.  She will ask to do flips over and over again and will balance along wood beams, do dizzy wizzy’s, and jump from obstacle to obstacle.
– Judd has been potty training and if Ellie could speak better, I would have her trained too.  She loves sitting on the potty and has taken a huge interest in taking her nappies off and what Judd is doing on the toilet.
– Can’t believe she will be 18 months old in March.

Little loves: Ellie – Months Twelve to Sixteen

Eloise - 1 to 12

I have had a few problems with my laptop, then my photo albums, then morning sickness!  So Ellie’s updates have been done, and have just been waiting to be uploaded.  Here are four months worth!


– 8.5kgs and 73 cms long.
– In O clothing.
– Very busily walking around a lot now! She is still getting used to shoes.
– Not speaking as much, I think we are focused on the motor skills right now.
– Some molars have started poking through!
– Waking up even later than usual, so sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night, and then two hours during the day, which is lovely. Especially as Judd still has a three hour sleep at the same time! Yay!
– Loves The Cranky Bear books, especially roaring like a bear.
– She is such a little giggler, which is gorgeous.  She loves clapping her hands together and will laugh because she thinks she is pretty clever!



Month Thirteen


– 9kgs
– Oh my goodness, when Daddy comes home from work. The yelling, the jumping, the squealing!
– Her favourite show is the Wiggles, which to be honest, I’m not enjoying.
– Her curls have gone crazy this month, she has the most beautiful hair! I am loving putting it into pigtails.
– She does the most beautiful actions to Twinkle Twinkle, Incy Wincy Spider and Open Shut them.
– We are loving the nicer weather, and the kiddies love heading outside in the afternoons, especially when Daddy gets home.
– Loves colouring in. She is very artistic, coz it’s not just paper she loves. She loves colouring in furniture, toys, her dolls etc…



Month Fourteen
– 9.4kgs
– Now has twelve teeth! She loves brushing them..
– She has started giving high fives and knuckles, which we did not teach her lol. Maybe Judd did!
– Is constantly in the pantry, looking for food. It is so funny! She has been climbing the shelves for the choc chips, which she especially likes!
– Loves dinner time, say’s WOW when she see’s her dinner coming towards her!
– Schmooshes her face up against glass for kisses.
– They both love dancing around the house to ‘shake their jiggles out!’


Month Fifteen


– 9.7kgs and 75 cms long.
– Four more teeth on the way to add to the twelve she has.
– A big month for us, my milk dried up and I have stopped feeding Ellie. It was honestly the hardest thing I have had to do, but Ellie was a trooper.
– I have been very under the weather this month, so we have been laying a bit low, as much possible during the busy Christmas period!
– I have found her on our study desk, and in the bathroom sink! It’s not fair to get two climbing kids is it?!
– Absolutely loves the Millie Mae books, about seasons. They are touch and feel books, and she loves the winter one with the snowmen especially.
– Loves getting her hair blow dried, and will come running when she hears me drying mine for a quick blast and then she will run off giggling.


Month Sixteen


– 10kgs! After her dinner 🙂
– I’ve started putting her into some 1 clothing.
– She has started running after Judd and when he chases her around the house.
– Started crying whenever anyone leaves the house, she gets so upset!
– Loves cuddling in any of the big beds, Mummy and Daddy’s or Juddy’s, with Judd.
– They are so loving together, but she can also lose it at him! She yells JUDD and will hit at him and pull his hair when she isn’t happy with him. Judd usually sings her Rock-a-Bye Baby when she gets upset. Or tells her to shoosh.
– Any hat is hers in her eyes. Everything has to go on her head! Even shower caps.
– She loves going through the animal noises. She can roar like a lion, she is very good at doing the Elephant, the Snake and the Frog. Absolutely loves the Dear Zoo book
– Loves playing tea parties in her room, making coffee in the cubby or going shopping with fruits and vegetables.
– I can actually plait her hair now! I love it!
– Always pointing out facial features on your face and then referring them to her own face.  You have to be on guard when you are holding her really as you can easily and quickly get poked in the eye!
– Her new favourite book is ‘I’m a big sister’ both kids are so excited for our new addition.  Well now they are! 🙂

Baby 3


Little Loves: Judd – Three


Judd turned three in January, and with a lot going on late last year and early this year, I’m a little late with this post.  Now that he is older we have moved away from the updates coming from me, and thought we would ask Judd to update you, with the same key questions each year…  Judd’s answers are in italics 🙂  And just for the record, I am sad my baby is getting so big!

  • What is your name?  Judd.
  • How old are you?  So old.
  • What is your favourite colour?  Blue.
  • What is your favourite toy?  Hmmm…  I don’t remember.  Oh I know!  My cubby!  And my diggers!  They are yellow.
  • What is your favourite fruit?  Fruit salad.
  • What is your favourite snack?  Crackers.
  • What is your favourite drink?  Milk.
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?  Toast with Peanut Butter.
  • What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?  Spaghetti.
  • What food do you really dislike?  Apples.
  • What is your favourite TV Show?  Octonauts.
  • What is your favourite thing to wear?  My thongs.
  • What is your favourite game?  Hockey.
  • What is your favourite animal?  Ummm…  Poppy.  (His Uncle and Aunties Dog)
  • What is your favourite song?  Hold back the River.
  • What is your favourite book?  The Gruffalo’s Child.
  • Who do you love?  Ellie!  And Mummy!  And Daddy!
  • What is your favourite memory?  Mummy.
  • Who is your biggest hero?  You!
  • What makes you happy?  Mummy.
  • What makes you sad?  Daddy.  When he gets cross when I’m being cheeky.
  • Who is your best friend?  Noah.
  • What is your favourite thing to do outside?  Play hockey.
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Mummy?  Play blocks.
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy?  Play hockey.
  • What is your favourite thing to do with Ellie?  Play with me.
  • What is your favourite holiday? Somewhere where we go on an airplane.
  • What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Little Ted and Dusty.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?  I wanna be big!
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  To Granny and Poppy’s house.
  • What do you want for dinner for your birthday?  Cake!
  • What is your favourite present?  My diggers!

If you have any other question suggestions, please let me know!