little loves: eloise – month ten, judd – two and a half (month thirty)



I can’t believe this kid is two and a half!
– Judd is 98 cms tall and 14 kgs.
– Fits into size two clothing, and I’ve been buying size three’s to try to make them last for next winter.
– Still naps during the day, generally for three hours.
– Still fantastic with his speech, today he was telling me all about condensation.
– Sings ‘Rock A Bye Baby’ to me.  Heart melts.
– Loves playgrounds.  The kid can run for hours.
– Loves the Octonauts, (he says Octonauts to your stations and then sings the song!), Toy Story, Cars and Planes movies.
– Counts to fourteen, just misses eleven, twelve and thirteen!
– Is horrible to shop with, I generally don’t take him now unless I absolutely have to.  The tantrums, screaming and hitting fit right into this age bracket.
– Loves snuggling in his cot, and goes to sleep with Little Ted or Dusty now.  He sleeps well, thank goodness, regresses occasionally for a few weeks.
– We had awhile there that he refused to bath, and would only wear one pair of shoes!  Stinky!  hahaha.  We are over that now, thank goodness!
– Always talking to Ellie.  ‘Good Morning Baby Girl!’ ‘How are you today’ and ‘I love you Ellie!’
– Makes me so proud with his manners.  There isn’t many times that he forgets his please and thank you’s.  He thanks people for visiting him, and will thank people for having him.
– Favourite foods are tortellini, spaghetti, yoghurt buttons and berries.
– He is totally over loud noises unless they are coming from his mouth.



– 7.5 kgs and 71 cms long.
– Still in 00 and 0 clothes.
– Says Dad Dad Dad nearly all day long.  No new words this month.  She loves going through animal noises though, and she can Brrrr like an elephant pretty well!
– Has four teeth now, with the top two just through.  Still no drugs.  Good job Ellie (as Judd would say)
– Standing on her own.  Yesterday she stood up on her own without holding onto anything.
– Loves standing up and turning on the oven the most.  Slowly getting her to stop touching it, but mostly I just say ‘uh uh’ and she laughs at me.  These kids totally know I’m boss.  *insert sarcastic font here*
– Gives huge hugs.  Loves snuggles, and we love having them with her.
– She has a temper this one.  Knows what she wants and will make sure she gets it.
– Still won’t take a bottle, so I have given up and will wait until she is one to wean her.  I can’t wait to get back into shape but I’m just trying to put that in the back of my mind and will stay fat for another two months.  I keep telling myself that two months will fly and then I’ll be sad I’m not breastfeeding.
– Twirls her fingers when she wants to get up and when she wants to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle.’
– Eating what we eat now, which has made life so much easier!
– Still loves playing peek-a-boo with Juddy, and bath time is her absolute favourite time of day.  They splash together and have heaps of fun.  She loves getting her hair brushed.
– Falls asleep so easily but transferring her is a different story.  Currently she likes to sleep with me in our bed, and it is so difficult to push for her to get back in her cot with her temper as she generally wakes up Judd.  I play a constant game of trying to keep the kids asleep without one waking up the other.  I’m pretty exhausted!

Seeing them together at this age has made the difficulty of the past ten months really worthwhile.  A twenty month age gap has been really hard but we are reaping the rewards now, like everyone told us we would.  We feel very lucky to have such happy and healthy kids.

I can’t believe this


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