little loves: eloise – month nine

And so we come to the nine month mark, where Ellie has been out for as long as she was in! 😳


– 7.4kgs and 70cms long
– Still in 00’s but I’m buying 0’s and 12-18 months for winter. I’m figuring she may well still be in them this time next year!.
– Two teeth! The bottom two have come the whole way through which is super cute. No drugs (not even bonjella) or even a bad night so fingers crossed this little one is a trooper for all the teeth to come.

– says Hi Ja! When she see’s Judd, Ello when we pretend to answer the telephone, Babe for herself I think and loves loves loves to wave her hands in the air and squeal when someone says hooray!
– I’m very slow at introducing food, with both my babies – as I like to make sure they are really ready and Ellie has been a champion. She eats broccoli, carrots and cauliflower steamed, as well as toast, crust and pasta. I even caught her chewing on Judd’s peanut butter toast the other day, so no nut allergies so far, luckily!
– Does this hilarious thing with her tongue to make us laugh, it’s like she’s a lizard.
– Still no bottle and a bout of mastitis for Mummy. Not fun, however I’m confident we will be going straight to a cup next month!
– Walks around furniture, tried to stand on her own. She uses walls to balance herself as she walks along and also has no problems using her walker now so it will not be long until she is toddling. Most of my day is spent toddling behind her making sure I am there to catch her. And sure enough as soon as I turn my back we have another bruise to add to her collection.
– Finished another leap and her good sleeping habits are back! I think we have dropped that 4pm cat nap now.
– Flirts. She has a massive head tilt and gorgeous grin.
– Starting to dislike the car seat and clings to Mummy if she doesn’t want to go in.
– Dances to music, especially her fave, Giggle and Hoot.
– Kisses up Juddy, which we all love! And they just laugh so much together, whether they are playing in the pram, or Judd is playing Peek A Boo, they have so much fun.

So birthday preparations begin I guess with only three months till the big one. I’m becoming a bit sad about time rushing past so quickly, and I am loving this age so I’d just like more time. Enjoying these moments every day xx