birthday love: husby’s three oh!

Last week I posted a mood board about my husby’s 30th birthday party, which we had last weekend.

Husby's 30th

I have a toddler and a five month old, so I was never going to be able to do everything, and I decided to enjoy the night for myself as well and get it catered.  I tell everyone that husby’s favourite food group is chorizo, so we went with Ole Paella, had Spanish Tapa’s to begin, two different paella’s for main, and then churro’s for dessert.  It was amazing.  Or at least I thought so!  And I was able to do all those things that I wanted on the mood board, the Oreo Stack, the ’30 sucks’ lollipops, a massive three oh photo collage.  I’m pretty organised and even more so without having to cook, so I was onto my ‘nice to have’ list by 10am that morning.  So no stress and just quite easy for us all in all.  I wanted it to be very lavish feeling, so I had huge bowls of olives around, mass amounts of fruits and beautiful wines, spanish cava and sangria.  I wish I had more photo’s to show you of the night but OF COURSE my camera was charging.  Waaaaah!

Giant Jenga and Giant Naughts and Crosses I hired from Derive Party Hire and were a huge hit with the kids.

What cool themes have you organised for birthday parties?


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