baking love: lactation cookies

LTL - Lactation Cookies

This recipe is fast becoming my favourite thing to bring to Mum’s as soon as their baby is born.  Lactation Cookies, Boobie Cookies, Milk Cookies – whatever you want to call them, I really believe these things work.

When I was in hospital with my first baby, the nurses would have to hand express me to try and get some colostrum out (OUCH!) usually getting a measly 2mil.   My baby was hungry, unsettled and tired.  With my second baby, I had a batch of these cookies with me and the colostrum just dripped out, my baby slept ALL the time, I had to wake her up every 4 hours (and that alone would take me half an hour) she was content and settled.  The experiences could not have been more different, and although I know their little personalities play a big part, I owe a lot of my lack of sleep deprivation, I think, to these cookies.

So my recipe tastes as much like ANZAC biscuits as I could make it.  The key ingredients are fenugreek, flaxseed, brewers yeast and oats.  As soon as I saw that Oats helped, that linked me to ANZACs.  I also have used the Thermomix to make it.

Lactation Cookies

Makes 24

110 grams butter
50 grams golden syrup
10 grams water
100 grams oats
20 grams fenugreek
150 grams brown sugar
20 grams flaxseed / linseed meal
30 grams brewers yeast
55 grams shredded coconut
100 grams self raising flour
90 grams choc chips

– Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius (160 degrees fan forced)
– Add butter, golden syrup and water into the thermomix, heat at 60 on speed 2 for 3 minutes
– Add all the remaining ingredients, bar the choc chips and mix on speed 3 for 1 minute
– Add the choc chips and mix on reverse at speed two for 1 minute
– Roll out onto a tray, bake between 12 minutes (for chewy cookies) and 18 minutes (for hard cookies) Keep in mind that they will come out very soft – almost too soft looking – if baked for 12, but they harden a lot as they cool.

LTL - Lactation Cookies



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