product love: packet mix baking

I used to be a big fan of the packet mix.  I will not lie about it.  They take the thinking away from you.  They are simple and easy.  Quick and less messy.  I can grab one of these and every other ingredient I am guaranteed to have in my fridge or pantry.

There is, however, one packet mix that is a HUGE hit in our house, is a HUGE hit for everyone I’ve made them for, and I will continue to make even though I’ve abandoned all others.  
Betty Crocker’s Cinnamon Crumble Muffins.  Don’t get these confused with the Apple Cinnamon Crumble.  These muffins, when on special, are $4 and you just can’t go wrong.

Simple Ingredients…
LTL - Baking Love - Packet Mixes

Gorgeous results…



I make these for husby’s lunch boxes and they don’t last long.  Super easy and one packet mix that I actually recommend.  So the next time you feel like you need some baked goods in the house but don’t have the energy or time, I really recommend these.  Enjoy!

This is not a sponsored post.


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