eloise - month five

little loves: eloise – month five

lauren taylor loves eloise

– 6.5kgs and 63 cms long
– Fitting 000’s very well still.  00’s are still too big…
– Will stop whatever she is doing when Daddy comes home from work.  She wants to give him huge smiles and she loves touching his face.  It’s so gorgeous if she isn’t asleep!
– The giggles are constant.  So constant.  She is such a joy.
– She has started saying Mumumum, and Mummy.  Always a whinge.  Totally a sound, but because Judd said Dadadad first, I am claiming it.
– Shorter sleeps, and down to three sleeps a day.
– AND finally we have moved on from the weekly poop to more regular.  I know these kids are going to hate this when they are older, but it is totally noteworthy to us boring parent folk now.
– She is really good at the Jolly Jumper!  Bouncing straight away.
– I tell her all the time that she is just happiness in a bundle of joy.    Will give me reassuring smiles while Judd is throwing a tantrum in the shops.  She is my saving grace.


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