baking love: v day makes and a touch of diy

I made these beautiful waffles for our Valentines Day morning breakfast…  I use the thermomix Easy Peasy Waffles Recipe, topped with fresh blueberries, icing sugar, maple syrup and a vanilla bean ice-cream.  So simple and we really enjoyed them.  My toddler especially!

LTL - baking love

I made this beautiful lemon, ricotta and almond cake, the recipe I was given from my gorgeous cousin over on blogofahappywife.  It’s gorgeous and so is her blog!

LTL - lemon, almond and ricotta cake

LTL - Cake Slice

And finally, for dinner, some gnocchi with a basil pesto and snowpeas.  The gnocci I could have made in my thermomix, but honestly, it makes wayyyy too much and this recipe I found via Lorraine Pascale was so simple.  Instead of using potatoes, marscapone is used.

LTL - baking love - gnocchi


And we used these inexpensive IKEA Spice Racks to make beautiful book shelves for Ellie’s room.  And when I say inexpensive – they are $2.99 EACH!
Just an easy DIY Paint Job.  I love using books as art.  Thanks again Pinterest!

LTL - DIY Shelves


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