little loves: eloise – months one to four


Our Baby Girl, Eloise Kate Isobel, arrived into the world on Monday, September 15.  A perfect 8 pounds and 52 cms long.

photo 1


 – this little girl who loves to sleep!  We even got a seven hour stint in there this week.  What a little legend.  When we were in the hospital it would take 30 minutes for me to wake her for a feed.  I prefer sleep over food too little one 🙂
– Grew from 3.6kgs to 4.5kgs, and from 52 to 55 cms! Moved out of 00000′s well and truly and 0000’s are just a little bit too big still.  I’ve moved onto infant nappies already too.
– Is smiley like her brother, another of our babies smiled at a few days old.  (Very weird I know, and yes I know the difference between wind grins)
– Doesn’t like the swing – GASP!  So she is cuddled a lot when her brother wakes her up with all his banging and crashing play.
– Will fall asleep in the car but doesn’t like when it’s not moving.  Same with the pram! I had forgotten how quickly their little personalities shine through!


– 5.125kgs and 59cms long!
– Still fitting into 0000 but she will soon be fitting the 000’s well
– Such a happy, placid little girl.  She loves to be talked to and talk back, and the giggles!  My goodness we just love our chats.
– So much sleep.  Please, please let this continue.  Ellie is currently sleeping for most of the day, and does a big stint from about 8pm to 4am.  I can’t believe the difference it makes to your day when you are not awake at 2am.  The ability to function.  It is amazing.  To put this into perspective, reading back on Judd’s two month post, he was doing a ‘big’ sleep for four hours, around 3 to 7pm.  He would then wake up every two hours at best.  Usually he was up every hour on the hour.  So fingers cross this continues.
– If she is awake in the car their are tears as soon as the car stops at the traffic light… we like to move!  Judd was exactly the same.
– Usually self settles.  We have had just had two leaps however and that was a different story.
– Loves her bunny bear, which she talks to and also eats its nose.
– Loves if you blow on her face.  My Mum told me it was an old wives tale that this causes a stutter!
– Allows Mummy’s obsession with headbands.  YAY!



– 5.8kgs and 62 cms long!  Still growing so much everyday.
– Fitting 000’s very well 🙂
– Still loves to be talked to the most, will happily have a chat, even if it means interrupting her feeding time.
– Still an amazing sleeper, staying awake for longer stints during the day, and the nighttime sleep is slowly increasing also.
– I love that it is very easy to tell with her when she wants her space, when she wants to be cuddled and when she wants to be fed to sleep.  I don’t think this one will form any bad habits, she just knows what she wants.
– Loves the Sophie Giraffe and her Unicorn, has a great grasp, but gets very frustrated if she drops something.
– Has rolled from tummy to back.
– Starting to put her hands together, so we’ve been practicing clapping hands a lot.
– Likes to sit down with Mum and chat, but likes to be walked around by Daddy.  It must be because he is so much taller.
– Just adores when Judd chats to her, and she really wants to see what all this Play School he has been watching is about!



– 6kgs and 63 cms long
– Fitting 000’s very well and I’m putting her in some of the 00’s I like but they are too big…
– I can’t talk while I feed her or anytime I want her to sleep. She stirs every time I open my mouth.
– Sometimes I worry she sleeps too long, I’m not used to it…
– loves when the wipers on the bus go swish swish swish!
– loves being kissed up on her neck and tickled. Will giggle so much.
– huge smiles when we carry her around like a plane

Next month I’m looking forward to the Jolly Jumper!

Month five will be posted on the 15th of February 🙂


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