little loves: judd – month one to twenty four

1 - 24
I am a Pinner.  Yup, I love Pinterest.  There are so many amazing idea’s, and this chair/growth photo is just one of the little gems I’ve been lucky enough to come across.  When Judd was born on the 11th January 2013 and for every month after, we sat him on this chair and took a photo.  And now that we have twenty four photo’s (I have a few more as I took them at Easter and Halloween as well) it absolutely blows me away.  I’m so glad I did it now.  I wrote a synopsis each month of Judd’s development and posted it on my other blog, and now that I have this one, I want to make sure this still records it also.  So in this post, I will list months one to twelve, and then the few posts I did between thirteen and twenty four months, and each month on the 15th, which is Ellie’s date, I will be continuing this tradition with her.  I hope you enjoy seeing them grow, as much as I enjoy showing them off!

Apologies for the very long post here.


– a snuggly baby, who is looking more and more like his Mum did as a baby, instead of being a mini of his Dad
– Little sleep, especially for Mum, 3 hour stints (from feed to feed) at night, and a cuddly baby who only wants to sleep on Mum during the day
– Grew from 3.5kgs to 4.5kgs!  Moved out of 00000′s well and truly.
– Starting to giggle and coo at us, especially at Mum for the 3am feed!


– Our little man become happier and happier, if he is awake, he is smiling.
– Still not a lot of sleep, but there is a stint, usually around dinner that can be 4 to 5 hours long!  Usually though, he wants to have dinner with us, and wakes up as soon as the plates hit the table.
– Tears as soon as the car stops at the traffic light… we like to move!
– Needs to be fed as soon as we get to a location.  Mum has a bottle ready to go, and he holds this while we walk around the shops, just as a reminder that there will always be food wherever we go I think.
– Self settling.  Occasionally.  Yay!
– 4.5kgs to 5.5kgs, and the need to move into bigger nappies, with Mum trying to delay because her baby is growing up too quickly already!  Also fitting into some 000′s clothes without them looking like he’s swimming in them.
– Has the strongest grip, and has started to swipe at his wooden playset to hear it make noises.
– Hates getting out of the bath, like most kids!


– Fitting into 000 and 00 clothing!
– Measuring about 65cms long and weighing closer to 7kgs
– Rolling from back to tummy
– Discovering his hands
– This morning Judd was so loud chatting to Mum he hurt my ears!
– Sleeping becoming more of a pattern
– Loving music and rhymes, especially ‘The Wheels on the Bus’
– Grasping at his toys
– Likes to over your shoulder, checking out what’s going on
– Loves watching Daddy brush his hair after his bath, and watching his mobile while he is getting changed
– Just starting to giggle at Mum… best sound in the world


– Judd loving his Jolly Jumper, even though he doesn’t really know what to do with it yet :)
– Not much sleep, waking up at least every two hours, STARVING!
– He found his feet, but he hasn’t put them in his mouth yet!
– The first month that he hasn’t increased clothing size, we are still in 00′s HOORAY!
– His favourite rhymes are Twinkle Twinkle and the Wheels on the Bus
– Judd tries to sit up on his own at Rhyme Time – cheeky…
– Loves to be kissed up, and giggles when Mum kisses him on his neck
– Dances whilst laying on his floor mat, and laughs his head off when Mum dances around the house with him.  Makes me crazy happy.


– Bouncing on his Jolly Jumping, giggling and talking away.  I really believe he is telling us how clever he is.
– Developing more of a routine with sleep (thank god!) self settling, and being a dream sleeper during the day.  The night still needs improvement for Mum’s sake.
– Still hasn’t increased his wardrobe size, still in 00′s!  Granny has created an amazing wardrobe for her little Grandson so hubby and I have joked that Judd’s wardrobe is better than, and bigger than both of ours.  Combined.
– Will poop as soon as he is placed in a rocker, car seat, swing, jolly jumper.  I know he will hate me for writing this when he gets older, but it is seriously bizarre and noteworthy.
– He is definitely a morning person (a trait that didn’t come from me) and loves being kissed up, especially underneath his chin when he wakes up.
– Has massive smiles for Daddy when he gets home.
– Has started to act shy and snuggles into my shoulder when someone talks to him.
– Loves his 20 month old niece Blake and likes to smile at her and grab her face.
– Splashes in the bath, and seriously chills out in there.
– Story time with Daddy at night is my favourite time of day.  Who knew kids books were so hilarious and who knew the way your baby watches his Dad read to him would melt your heart so much?


– Judd weighing in at just shy of 8.5kgs, and growing to be about 70cm long.
– Staying in 00′s for the time being…  HOORAY because I just love all of his clothes, he is such the fashion plate!
– He can now Clap Hands, which is more like he pounds his fists together, but it’s totes cute and sooo clever.
– Is ticklish!  Those love handles get a giggle every time without fail.
– A HUGE thing is that we have started on solids, and the faces pulled for sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, pear and parsnip are priceless.  I can’t believe he likes parsnip the best! So far anyway – it’s definitely a really fun time testing out all the new foods.
– He loves when Mum makes noises like a monkey.  Which has really made me look like a mad woman in public but really… what’s new.
– Sleep is getting worse before it gets better.  I am thinking positively that it will.  get.  better.
– Still has the softest hands and feet (which he likes to rub together) and has grown quite a mass of hair, much more than Mummy and Daddy ever had at his age.
– Sitting up on his own, with a few topples but generally all good.  Where did our little baby go!
– When he is sitting on my lap he will bring his face up to mine and rest his palm on my cheek.  Melts my heart that we are so lucky to have such an affectionate little boy.
– His personality is so bubbly and bright, he makes us laugh and smile and just exclaim to each other how cute he is nearly every moment of every day.  He is so clingy to me which I am cherishing because I love his gorgeous cuddles and know he won’t want Mum one day.
– Blows massive bubbles.


– Judd still weighs around 8.5kgs, and is just a bit longer than 70cms.
– Still in 00’s.  YAY!
– First Word!  DADA!  And he goes on and on and on with it, all day long and looks for Daddy as he says it when he is at work.
– Can also say Ta, Hey, No and Mum (but only when he is crying out for me in his cot and I think it’s just a coincidence!)
– I am needing to stay at home more to focus on his sleep.  We had two stints of 5 hours this month, and I need to make sure we start having more times like that, for Mum’s sanity!  Haha, yes that is a long sleep in our household!
– Sits up on his own.  Launches himself at toys though, especially in the bath.
– Is so happy in the mornings, chilling out in Mum and Dad’s bed.  Will even let Mum snooze a bit, and when I wake up he has usually nodded off as well.  Parenting at it’s best…  :oS
– Loves Pear and Apple purée.  And I am going to have to make a crumble out of the stuff, it is so good!
– Doesn’t understand the concept of gentle, so glasses, earrings, hair, noses and ears are for grabbing.
– Not liking his car seat so much anymore, thank goodness we turn him around soon!
– Is a Daddy’s boy on weekend’s, I can always hear them giggling together.


– Judd still weighs 9kgs, and is 71cms.
– He is still in 00′s, but his outfit today is an 0.  Just a tiny bit big…
– Says Yuk.  Didn’t realise I said that each time I changed a dirty nappy!
– Has one tooth and one on the way…  His bottom front two.  I can’t believe how exciting his first tooth was for us – it’s also a relief though that those teething symptoms are in fact because teeth are coming!
– Yesterday took a great interest in trying to crawl… the month ahead could be interesting, but I still think he’s a way off yet.
– Loves to hug and kiss up Mum.  Is very affectionate with other people as well, normally wanting to stroke their face.
– Has grown so much hair!  We were very bald babies so we are shocked at how much he has.  I have no plans to cut it soon though, it’s too cute.
– It’s hard work to keep him still, and I’ve had to start watching him like a hawk in the trolley at the supermarket.  So far he’s grabbed avocado’s, tomatoes, and eaten half of my shopping list.  He is so quick!  I think I’ll be hitting up the online shopping a lot more from now on.  He is into everything, as you can tell from the picture below…
– If I put a mirror in front of him he sits there loving himself.  If I then say kiss the baby – he gives himself a big smooch.  Love it.
– Waves Hi and Bye.  Sometimes a bit delayed.
– Loves Playing Peek-A-Boo and Hide & Seek, anywhere with anything.


– Judd still weighs 9kgs, and is 71cms.
– In 0 clothes!
– Says in addition to everything else I’ve posted already, good, gada (I have no idea what this is yet, but it’s his favourite saying), boo and I’ve caught him on camera saying lamb – it is his favourite food right now.
– Has two bottom teeth, a bottom tooth on the way, and I’m pretty sure the top two will just cut through tomorrow.  They are staring at us from his gums.
– Commando crawling.  Into everything.  I’ve had to baby proof the house!
– Has a walker that means he can touch everything Mum says he can’t.  He is learning though, he’s started looking at me before he touches it, so I can say No Judd!  Gah!  Loves opening drawers especially and unfortunately has taken a huge interest in the oven.
– Will crawl up me just do give me a big smooch and have a cuddle.  Especially when he’s supposed to be sleeping.  Cheeky.  But he has been very clingy for the past month, it is hard to get anything done when he’s awake because he just wants to explore and have all of my attention.
– His hair is starting to curl over his ears, but it’s still really straight.
– Waves Hi at himself the instant he see’s himself in the mirror.
– Started clucking his tongue.
– Looks for Daddy out the window waiting for him to come home.  Will cry if it’s anyone but Daddy on FaceTime.
– His feet are now HALF the size of mine.  But let’s be honest, that isn’t hard.
– Bathing is now a water sport for everyone involved.  My hair is usually drenched and I’m wearing my bathers.  Sometimes I wonder why I don’t join him.
– Changing his nappy or trying to dress him is a work out.  He is constantly trying to roll over and crawl away.  Definitely the most exhausting but fun part of my day!
– We have turned his car seat around and he loves being able to see what’s going on.  Thankfully he will still go to sleep in the car if he is tired.  Otherwise, he tells us stories from the backseat.
– Closes his eyes as a joke sometimes.  I still haven’t worked out if he is suddenly shy or playing a game, but it’s so funny.
– Loves storytime and books.  Will cry when a book is over and we are finding ourselves reading four to five books to him before bed.  He cries at certain parts if a book is a bit scary and is happy when it is all better again.  It is the only time he sits still so it’s a bit of a break to get out a story.
– Has FINALLY started sleeping for longer stints.  A four hour and six hour stint at night.  Last weekend I slept for eight hours in a row, which I haven’t done since the beginning of January.  It’s double the amount in a row I’ve had since April!  Feel a bit more human now!


– I’m not sure of Judd’s weight or height, assuming 10kgs and 72cms or more…
– Still in 0 clothes
– I’m positive he’s saying Sure! and Oh No.  As well as Mummy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada.  His favourite word is Uh Uh, which is what I say instead of No to him.  I know when he’s getting up to mischief because he says Uh Uh before he’s even there.  Unfortunately, I’ve started asking him to pass me things – ‘Ta for Mummy?’ and he responds with ‘Uh Uh’.  Haha, that backfired!
– Voice has become deeper and husky.  Super cute.
– Has FOUR teeth, and one on the way.  What a month for teeth for sure!
– Commando crawling like a little speed demon, and now pulling himself up to stand on EVERYTHING GAH! and walking one step to Mummy.  Oh My God!
– Hair is still growing.  My husband and I had none and barely any at his age so we don’t know where this is coming from.
– The only time he will sit still is for story time.  He grabs catalogues and magazines and will bring them to me, to sit in my lap and waits for me to read them to him.
– Only waking up ONCE at night!  Oh Happy Day.  Also having two long sleeps during the day, which has been wonderful.
– Animatedly flirting with women in the shops especially.  Will draw them into a game of hidey-boo or just wave and smile.  Cheeky.
– I stopped breastfeeding a few days ago, and it wasn’t as bittersweet as I thought it would be – but that probably is due to being bitten a week ago.  OUCH!  I always said I would stop once there were teeth so I’ve maintained that for sure.  Excited to get my body back, as it’s been 20 months, but I will miss the closeness with Judd.
– Judd is so interested in loud things.  He has to touch my thermomix when it’s on and try to scream over the top of it to see who can be louder.  I’m relieved he’s not scared of it, but it’s kinda hard to work it one-handed all the time!


– Judd is getting heavier and bigger, I’ve stopped weighing and measuring, will do so for the 1 year needles!
– Just fitting into 0 clothes, but 1’s are still too big.
– His favourite word is No.  He likes saying No Mummy No.  He can also say Bottle and just over the past few days, when we say One, Judd say’s Two!  He was saying One for a little while but now will shake his head.  I think he know’s that Mum is a bit sad that her baby is turning one so he won’t even utter the word.
– Now has six teeth, and another one on the way – although I’m just seeing teething symptoms, I have no idea which tooth it could be.
– He now crawls like a crab, but generally just moves around standing from one piece of furniture to another.  On his tip toes.    Yesterday he climbed on top of my coffee table!  Help us!
– Not as shy around people anymore, will happily go to most people and strangers, especially if he gets a big smile and attention!
– Loves to pretend to feed Mum his dinner.
– Has learnt to dance!  Loves Katy Perry’s new song Roar and a few random ads.  He will dance to Ellen every day.


– Judd is 10.1kgs, and is 74cms long.
– Just fitting into 0 clothes, but 1′s are still too big.  12-18 months are perfect.
– Loves saying Choo after sneezing.  Is saying so much more everyday.  Bright when we open up the blinds in the morning, Cheese when eating it, Bye when you are hanging up the phone or leaving, Pretty at anything that looks nice, and I do when he wants to do something himself.
– Will kiss hello, goodbye and just whenever he feels like it.  Loves putting his lips towards others.
– His niece Blake is his favourite person, he always is chatting to her in gibberish and saying Blakey!  She is the person he tries to kiss the most!
– Now has six teeth, still waiting on 1 more.
– Took a few steps on Christmas day and can now take about 4 on his own.  Not long now.  He loves using his walker and generally runs with it.
– Tries to crawl up on everything.
– Only waking up once in the middle of the night, still loves his bottle in the middle of the night.

Judd One


– Judd is 10.5kgs, and is 78.5cms long.
– Just fitting into 0 clothes, but 1′s are still too big.
– Speaks gibberish all day.  Sometimes making sense but most of the time just sounding hilarious.  Here are the new things he said this month:
– Wanna See!
– Yeek!  At the right spot of his favourite book.
– Stop!
– Don’t Touch!  (Can you tell he’s into everything?!)
– Yes.  This is usually when Mum says ‘Go to Sleep’ Judd says No, until finally he says Yes and closes his eyes.
– Kiss
– Toot Toot
– He also says Pop Pop, Mege, Mia, Lahni and Blakey (Poppy, Aunties and Cousins)
– Really?

– Loves big kisses and long cuddles, and will usually come back to me every 10 minutes while he is playing for a big cuddle with Mum.
– Now has six teeth, still waiting on one or two more to arrive.
– He is walking, or mostly running.  He is so quick and I am loving it now that he is walking.  He is less frustrated, and knows he is clever, so is much happier.  And he is now a tiny little human which just makes everything he does hilarious.
– Is still climbing, I can’t believe how tall he is and what he can reach!
– After a slight reprieve of waking up once in the middle of the night, we are now back to two or three times.  Devastated.
– Loves when Daddy comes home from work, especially when Daddy backs his car into the driveway with Judd on his lap.  His gorgeous face lighting up is priceless.
– Had a little fringe cut.  We have to cut the back as well, which Mum is slowly working herself up to do.  I just love his curls, and I’m scared how much older he will look!
– Loves playing Night, Night.  Where he will lay his head on the floor and pretend to sleep.
– His favourite show is Play School.  Loves dancing to the theme song!
– Does cry a lot when other babies are sad.  He has a big heart my little man.


– Judd is 80cms tall, and probably a bit closer to 11kgs.
– Just fitting into 0 clothes, but 1′s are still too big.

– Here are the new things he said this month:
– Eeee-iii-eee-iii-oooo.  (From Old McDonald Had a Farm)
– All Day Looooong (From the Wheels on the Bus)
– Duck (His new favourite book is ‘Not This Little Black Duck’)
– Mwah!  (When giving kisses, which is very often!)
– Phew (usually when he has a dirty nappy)
– Truck
– Shed
– Dark
– Tick Tock
– Roar!  Like a dinosaur!
– I DO IT!  (always very loudly)

– One more tooth has just popped up, bringing the grand total to 7.
– Likes to try to pull coasters out from under glasses, tablecloths out from under the dinner dishes.  He’s so quick, it’s hard to stop the little magician.
– Had his first proper haircut, and he was really good!
– We were finally able to get shoes and a hat on him this month, although he is very difficult to get into the car.
– Once again, is obsessed with the thermomix, and wants to sit on the bench playing with it for hours.  I’m going to have to hide it away or get him the toy one.
– Has worked out which room is which in the house and will go where I tell him to, and loves putting his nappy in the bin.  Unfortunately we have lost a few toys to the bin now too…
– To Daddy’s delight, finally gives knuckles or ‘the pound’ after a high-five.
– There is so much more happening now, it’s hard to keep up, and to write it all out without being too boring.  This is why I’m thankful for the ‘One Line A Day’ book, so I can write the lovely and funny and crazy things Judd does.


– Judd is  82cms tall, and 11 kgs
– Just fitting into 0 clothes, but 1′s are still too big.
– I’ve realised that he talks A LOT, so writing down all the new things he said this month is too much.  I was rapt to get an email from one of the Mum websites I subscribe to (pretty sure it was the Raising Children Network – SUCH a good site) that said that children this age will generally say 5 words, good talkers will say about 20.  I counted Judd’s words and he is 55+.  Very proud of my little chatterbox.
– My favourite saying at the moment though, is Down.  He says ‘Mumma Down’ when he wants to be picked up, as well as when he wants to leave the table or get off a chair.  I’m trying to explain to him about Up but he’s not getting it yet.  I think it’s clever to be saying Down anyway!
– 8 teeth.  I really hope that’s it for a little while.
– His climbing is out of control.  He is just a monkey with his feet.  We have gone from just climbing onto coffee tables and couches, to scaling the great heights of our kitchen bench top, the washing machine and desk.  He even pushes the coffee table places so he can use that to climb higher.  He is very quick, but I’m onto him now.  🙂
– Loves to speak to Daddy when he is on his way home from work on the phone and tell him all about his day.
– Is ridiculously good at throwing the ball.  And he loves playing with the ball outside when Daddy gets home from work.
– Can’t work out if he is right or left-handed yet, he can throw with both, draw with both, and when he colours he puts one pencil in each hand and uses them both.  Time will tell.


– Judd is 83cms tall, and 11 kgs
– Fitting into size 1 clothes, size 0’s are too tight unless they have the buttons around his neck.
– Parrots what we say.  My favourite was I Love You, but there are really too many that are gorgeous to mention.  His words are over 80+ now, I am so proud of what he can say.  He tells me if he is cold or hot even!  Clever little man.
– FOUR teeth on the way.  Ugh.  On a good night he will wake up once, but lately his teeth have been hurting him, poor little love.
– Will sleep twice a day some days, and only once others, so I think we will be transitioning to one soon.
– Obsessed with Daddoom (Daddy) and his car.  Asks to go in the car as soon as he wakes up.
– Tells knock knock jokes…  Thinks he is hilarious.  We do too.
– Loves eating dinner with us, and I love sitting down as a family whoever we can, at least 5 nights a week.
– Finally loves shoes and boots!  I wanting to head up to the shops quickly the other day, and he asked for his Shoes, and I explained to him that it would just be quick.  Judd turns to me and says, ‘Need Shoes!  Walk!’  I have been drilling it into him for months that he needs to wear his shoes if he wants to walk!
– Won’t sit still for a photo on the chair…  So I think the time has come to stop with the monthly updates, and move them to milestone birthday’s…  I will still try every month but I don’t like my chances…

This month, we found out that we are having a little GIRL in September!  We are over the moon to be getting a pink one, so this month’s couch photo was to signify Judd becoming a big brother, to his little sister.


– Judd is 87 cms tall and between 12 to 13 kgs.
– Still fitting into size 1 clothes, size 0’s are too tight unless they have the buttons around his neck.
– Now sleeps through the night, settling really well, and one nap during the day for a few hours.  This has been happening for a short time, but enough that I feel refreshed and human again.  If I wasn’t pregnant I know life would be back to normal.
– Judd has been saying so much, the amount he understands and can say really amazes us.  Lately he will tell us that he wants to do things – ‘I hold it,’ ‘I drive the car’, ‘I stir the eggs’.  If i ask him to help make eggs, he will say ‘helping!’ Then bosses me about the kitchen.  ‘eggs, milk, butter, bowl, mix!’ The other morning Thomas the Tank Engine came on, and as soon as Judd heard the toot of the engine he yelled ‘Thomas!!’  I love the personality that really shines through so much more now that he can speak as well.  He will joke with us and tell us that he is being ‘funny.’  I can sing ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ with him, and he will fill in the animal and the animal noise for me.  The other night McDonald had a cow on his farm, then a puppy, a pig and a camera!  Love the imagination. Even with books he has made connections, we read him a book called ‘The Wrong Book’ which is about a little boy called Nicholas Ickle.  If we ask Judd if he wants to read this particular story, he will say ‘Nickle Yeah!’ which is a shortening of the boy’s name.  Almost like JLo.  He’s very hip!  It’s so nice that he doesn’t get upset that we aren’t understanding any jibberish either, it’s great to have really missed that step that can be so frustrating for them.
– We have had eight teeth come through in the past two months which has been very, very hard, especially as his Daddy was away for the worst part of that time.  Eight teeth and severe separation anxiety meant no sleep for Mum for a bit over a week.
– Really loves wearing hats, will go put on a kangol or a trucker hat on his own to wear for the day.
– Really enjoys talking on the phone and driving in his car.  I was at the shops talking to his Daddy on the phone, and Judd was also talking to his Daddy with his snack box to his ear.  Such a long story, so funny to watch him in action.
– Is OBSESSED with cars and cooking.  His Dad got a new car, and Judd definitely thinks it’s his.  He will sit for hours playing with the buttons and exploring.  Will also get out all of my baking equipment, and pretends to make cakes, cupcakes and muffins.  Given he can parrot any and every word we say, I ask him if he is making a sponge, vanilla or chocolate cake, and it’s usually a sponge or chocolate.  We are pretty convinced given his love of electronic equipment and the amount there is in a kitchen, and the level of obsession over cooking, that he will be a chef.  I’m hoping he will be making dinners for us in a few years 🙂
– Understands that there is a baby in my belly, and will kiss the bump.  Too beautiful for words.

Twenty Four

– It’s safe to say my baby is well and truly a Toddler now!
– Judd is 89 cms tall and between 13 and 14 kgs.
– Fitting into size 2 clothing, although the pants a still usually 1’s.
– Still has a nap during the day, which if he is up very early can last up to three hours.  He is again up during the night, usually at about 11 for a drink, occassionally again at 3 or 4am.  It is easier because he can call out to us and tell us what he wants, ‘Daddy I want more drink! Mummy I want a snuggle!’  Spot the sucker there!!
– His speech is absolutely amazing for his age, as he has been able to hold a conversation for such a long time. He says full sentences, such as ‘Yesterday, I went up shops in the car, to buy a muesli bars.  I went in the pram. I pay for it!’
– He can say his full name and I love you.  My favourite.  He usually says to me ‘I love you, I love Mummy, I love Daddy, I love Ellie, I love Juddy!’
– He also sings songs from Frozen, he loves the Ice Diggers song ‘Frozen Heart as he sings ‘Dangerous, Cold, Cold Beer!’ and ‘Love is an Open Door.’  I have great video of him singing these songs with me, too funny!  Some of the songs he comes out with are amazing, songs I don’t even remember singing to him.  The other day he asked me to sing him a lullaby, and I went through a few before we worked out he meant ‘go to sleeeep, sleepy head, fa la la la, la la la.’
– Still loves cooking, has recited the recipes off Play School, and will pick up and follow the things I do while making dinner.  Last night I was sticking rosemary into a lamb leg for dinner, so out he went and got some rosemary and pretended to do the same.  He loves mixers, especially the thermomix, any appliance that makes noise, and things like the sifter, and tongs which he calls scones.  He can pretend to make anything, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, pasta, honey joys.  He helps me make spaghetti when we have it for dinner and will be cooking for real in the kitchen before we know it.  When he’s pretending to cook he will say ‘First, stir the mixture.’ ‘Oh i need 200 grams’ ‘put the butter in sizzle sizzle!’
– He adores Eloise, asks to give her big hugs and kisses.  I love when he lays down to play with her on her play mat, and says ‘hey beautiful girl!’ in a gorgeous sing song voice like Mummy does.
– Loves tradesmen and their tools.  We had an electrician in our house recently, and he is convinced that he still lives in our roof.
– We bought Judd two fish for his birthday and took him to the Aquarium.  He absolutely loved the fish and I so loved watching him see everything.  He kept telling us at the Touch Pool, ‘I ready to go in now.’ he really wanted to swim with them all.  He loves the water and swimming, and usually his lips will be blue and his teeth chattering and still he doesn’t want to get out.
– He’s a big climber, always up on the kitchen bench and trying to climb up onto higher surfaces.  A little monkey.
– So loves trampolines.  He regularly ‘jumps his jiggles out’ and will turn to me and say ‘I love jumping!’
– Knows all his colours, although mixes up brown and black sometimes.
– Can count to nine, and backwards from 5.

Judd Two


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