#eachmonthintheyear: january

At the end of each month on Instagram I upload a photo collage with snippets of what the month has held for us.  This January has flown by for us, as I’m sure it has for you all.  Here is my collage and here is what happened in the Taylor abode.

LTL - January - #eachmonthintheyear

I’ve made sure I’ve grabbed my proper DSLR camera when I can.  Because our phones have great camera’s now, I tend not to worry about the hassle of uploading a photo to a computer yada yada yada.  And then I saw how much better the quality is and I slapped myself on the wrist for leaving it aside for so long.  2015 will be a year for capturing these beautiful moments for us at a better resolution.

Our firstborn Judd turned TWO!  We loved celebrating with him and made it a long weekend long event.  We gave it a ‘Fish’ theme, with a cake shaped like a fish, a trip to AQWA, and his own fish pets that we went and picked out on his birthday.  We were so busy I didn’t even get a chance to get really emotional or nostalgic about my baby getting so grown up already.

Miss Eloise had her four month old needles.  Mummy wasn’t so brave but she was, the photo at the top right is her just moments after the immunisation was complete.  Serious angel babe.

My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Eedie.  I’m not going to upload a photo of her on here without my sister’s permission, but the photo on the bottom left was our celebration photo the day she was born.  Eloise had actually been waiting her whole life for little Eedie to be born, so I thought the ‘Finally arrived’ onesie was appropriate.  It is officially madhouse with four kids at my Mum’s when my sister and I visit, and when my other sister is over from Melbourne there are six kids running around it is chaos. An exhausting fun level of madness.

Would love to hear what January was like for you too!


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